Sunday, December 22, 2013

SS : Heartbeats Part 14

“Arnavji…” she whispered in response to her husband’s sudden kiss and a feeling of calm swept through her…

When he pulled back, she asked, "That was someone important calling you, wasn't it?"

Arnav's heart clenched when he saw the tears in her eyes, "Nothing is more important than you…"

She tried to bite back the panic, "I'm sorry, I'm…I'm just…I'm…"

He tightened his grip on her, "Shhhh…calm down…"

"I'm just not ready to see everyone…I can't…not yet…please…"

Arnav felt her shaking, "Khushi, shhhh…I won't pressure you into anything, I swear…"

"I'm so…this is all so…please don't try and guilt me to…"

His eyes darkened, "I will not GUILT you into anything…I LOVE you…I can't even properly tell you how much I love her! You're my absolute world! I would willingly break the laws of time and space to be with you!"

Her lips parted, her breathing sped up…

"Khushi, I lost everything when I lost you! I lost my last reason for existing! You know how hard it was for me to just go on. I can’t even…if I have to go back to that…no…NO! I can’t go through it again, Khushi!"

He pushed back from her and studied her face for a long time.

Then before she knew what had hit her, his lips had come down on hers and he was kissing her passionately.

Khushi was feeling weak and fuzzy and could barely respond…

Arnav pulled back looking at her in confusion.

She always responded to his kisses.


"If I had only stayed…I gave up too quickly…"

Anger swelled inside his soul, "Don't you dare! Don't you DARE say that!"

Her tired eyes were welling up once again, "Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, you are mine I’ve memorized every inch of your skin, every curve of your body, every beat of your heart…I won't have you blaming yourself!"

"But…but our families…"

Arnav moved her slightly, so he could sit up properly, and she was now laying over his lap…

He began sliding his hand up under her dress and felt his groin jerk when her eyes widened…"I don't want to share you yet…even Veena and Raj are a stretch for me…"

A slight smile curved her lips before a deep gasp…


Arnav pressed one hand down on her stomach, as his other hand slid between her legs…

Parting her sticky centre, he thrust two fingers up inside her…

“You’re mine,” he growled… “And I want every single minute that’s allotted to me.”

He curled his fingers upwards so tightly that she felt a strong surge of electricity jolt her nervous system…

“Ar..Arnavji, we…we can't…"

"I will make love to you wherever, and whenever I want…because," he steadied his hand, "You… You are my…you are everything, Khushi, and don’t you dare ever doubt me!” he said ferociously.

As he began to penetrate her with his fingers, he kept them curled up to purge crippling pleasure from her gspot…

Khushi's eyes were rolling back in her head, her hands to weak to even hold on…

“Every beat of my hearts belongs to you,” he said, his thumb slowly beginning to massage her clitoris…

Sucking in a breath, she stuttered, "My heart is yours…my heartbeat, Libbi, is yours…"

Arnav became unglued…


No longer withdrawing his fingers, he hooked them inside her, hitting her most sensitive area, and began harsh press and release motions…

Khushi started to pant, her body now shaking torrentially…

"Ohhhh God! What is that! What…Arnavji! Oh…OH…OOOOHHHHH!!!!"

Holding her pelvis down, his eyes connected with hers just before the flood hit…

A devestating sensation struck her body…

Her voice disappeared, even though her mouth opened to scream…

Her body shook savagely as her orgasms strength grew stronger, and stronger…

The feeling began to terrify her, and she tried so desperately to speak…

"I'm here! Your husband is here! And I am NOT leaving!"

An overload of orgasmic pulses began to release…

Arnav felt her vagina squeeze his fingers as tight contractions rocketed her womb…

"That's it baby, tighter…come on! Work for me!"

And the deathly loud scream came…

Khushi's body seized up, her labia swelled with blood, her gspot, that had been engorged with fluid, squirted a long heated jet…

Arnav pushed down harder on her stomach and she ejaculated once more, screaming almost painfully…

Yet still, her body seemed to need more release…

She was nearly on the verge of passing out when he lifted his hand from her abdomen and wound it beneath her neck…

Pulling her up, he slammed his mouth to hers as he hooked a third finger inside her core …

Her mouth opened as she gasped loudly, feeling all the remaining fight drain from her body as a final orgasm encompassed her…

Arnav held her vibrating body tightly against his…

"I'm not letting you go…I'm not letting you go Khushi…I love you…I love Libbi…but listen to me…I know you can't control your body right now, but you are safe and you need to listen to me…I searched for YOU! YOU! And I love….LOVE YOU!"

"I Lo…love…you…love…lo…love you…"

Her hicupping breaths choked him up as he tried to soothe her…"Shhh…shhhhh…rest…with me…"



She sat still.

Nani walked up closer, "Anjali? What' is wrong? Did you reach chote?"

"He probably is pining over Phati Sari still…"

Nani threw a disapproving glance at Manoroma…

"He found her."

All went quiet.

Payal, who was sitting in the dining room now rushed in…"What did you say!?"

Anjali looked up, "He found her…He…he found her! He found Khushi!"

Nani nearly tripped as she rushed to sit beside Anjali, "What!? Khushi!? He found her!? Where!? What…tell me what happened!"

"My sister!" Payal was in tears, "Khushi! Di, tell me! Please!"

Anjali was in shock, "I spoke to Anne…his assistant…and…and she said he found her…that he is with her now!"

An array of emotions struck Payal, "He's…he's with her now!? Then why hasn't he called us! She's my sister! If she is so close, then…then why hasn't SHE contacted us!"

"I was thinking the same thing! See, I knew she only thought of herself…"


"Oh God! My sister! She must have been alone all this time! So scared! How could Arnav drive her to this!"

Nani quickly stood up, "Payal, come here…"

She took her in a secure hug, holding her tight, "Shhh…I know you are going through many emotions…shhhh…just take a moment to breathe…"

As Payal held onto Nani, Anjali asked, "We need to get over there."

"Yes! I need to see her! Oh God we have to tell Buaji! And Amma!"
"Stop, everyone! We need to calm down and wait for him to contact us…"

Anjali looked up in surprise, "But Nani, this is Khushiji! After nine years! He might need help!"

Nani frowned, "No Anjali Bitiya, YOU need him. He is a grown man, and even though WE want to see her, HE is the one who needs her right now…we should wait until HE contacts us."

When Nani left the room, Anjali turned to Payal, "When shall we leave?"

Payal grinned, "I shall call Akash now, we will leave before lunch."


Arnav carried Khushi into a softly lit room and lay her down on something soft…

"Where?...where are we?"

Leaning in to press a kiss to her forehead, he said, "We're at my place…I thought you might want to have a rest, then a shower…"

Yawning, Khushi tried to protest, "But…but…Libbi…and…and…"

Arnav touched his mouth to hers, "I have already phoned our very opinionated baby girl…"


Grinning, Arnav lay down beside his wife, "When you were sleeping soundly against my shoulder, in the car…"

Khushi smiled softly, "…opinionated?"

"Yep, she said that we are not allowed to fight, that we have to sort things out, and that if we don't, we won't get any dinner tonight…"

Arnav's heart soared as he watched Khushi begin to laugh…

"She…she said that?"

He nodded…

"Oh what a little Miss she is!"

"I love it…I love her…" Arnav's eyes turned serious…"I love YOU…"

Feeling completely overwhelmed, Khushi said, "It has only been two days…two days, and…and I am…I…I don't want to be apart from you…"

Thank God!

"Khushi, I am trying to prove that I love you, more than anything! And I swear, I will be a good father to Libbi, I will be a good husband to you…"

Her hand lifted and rested on his face…

The touch warmed his entire body, making him tremble…


He nodded, "Yes…just one touch…one simple touch from you is enough to send my senses spinning…"


And their lips touched once more…


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