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FF : Take What's Left Of My Heart Part 33 (Conclusion)

 "Just like that?"

Arnav nodded.

Khushi felt a shuddering sense of relief flood her body as her knees began to buckle…

Arnav wrapped his arms around her, "It's over…"

"…it's over…"

"Yes Khushi…you are safe…I am safe…"

Khushi lifted her arms and flung them around his neck…

When he sat her down only an hour before, she never expected to hear that the threat 
was gone.

She knew that Nani and Shyam had been caught, but after living in fear for so long, she 
couldn't quite grasp the fact that she was now free.


"Rishab has Shyam in jail, and Nani is in a women's prison. Their sentences are short, a 
lot shorter than I feel they deserve, but even when they are released, they will be in 
rehab for quite a long time…"

"But how will Di cope with all this?! I can't believe that it ends this fast…"

Arnav became angry…"Khushi! Your family AND Mami are there for DI! But I had to 
suffer your disappearance, your near death, your pain! Damn it can't you just be filled 
with selfishness for one bloody second and rejoice in the fact that IT'S OVER!"


"Thankyou Arnavji…"

He rolled his eyes, "I don’t need to be 'thanked'…but since you are a stickler for the 
ridiculous, I'll just say 'you're welcome'…"

Khushi nuzzled her lips closer to his neck and breathed in his scent…"I love you…"

He withdrew a fraction of an inch…"I will always love you…you have my heart Khushi,
you've always had my heart…"

She rose up on tip toes and kissed him, whispering, "I love you…"

When she pulled back, her expression fell, "So I guess this means, we will be leaving 
our little escape…"

Arnav stared at her as if she'd said something proufoundly insane…"Are you kidding 
me!? We're not going anywhere!"

"But…" she frowned, "But Di, the baby will be coming soon and-"

"And she will handle everything just fine! EVERYONE is there for her, Buaji basically 
counts as three people anyway…"

Khushi smacked his chest, "Hey! But, but she will…"

"WE will be staying here until I SAY SO! We may have been recovering here, but now 
we can regroup, knowing that there is no more threat! And THAT will be liberating!"

Arnav readied himself for her argument, but it never came…

Instead, she jumped up, winding her legs around his waist and kissed him hard.

"Thankyou! I don't want to leave! I don't want anything other than you…just you…"

Smiling wide and bright, Arnav laughed with joy, "THAT'S my girl!"



"You'll have to catch me!!!!!"

Arnav lept up from reclining on the sand, catching the look of pure shock in Khushi's 
eyes as he sprinted towards her…


She ran as fast as she could, and ended up jumping into the ocean, trying to push 
past the waves…

Just as she was going to make a quick turn to the left, his hand caught hers and 

Landing with a thud against his chest, she tried to turn around…

"Uh uh…you stay right there…"

Her heart continued to pound, "Arnavji…"

Spinning her, she now came eye to eye with her primal husband… 

Winding his arms around her waist, he lifted her in his arms…

The cool sea water cascaded down their glistening bodies.

Slowly, he carried her out of the ocean as her legs tightly straddled his waist...

But all care was suddenly thrown to the wind the moment his feet met the large beach 
towel on the sand…

Their slick bodies collided, their lips crashed together, tongues met and tangled.

Her hands plunged into his hair, as she tugged it in a bid to pull his tongue impossibly 
deeper into her mouth. 

Their breathing became rapid and heated, her lungs begged for air as he ravaged her 

She pulled away, panting and needy for complete contact.


Her breathy plea hit his body hard… 

Without warning, he scooped her into his arms, again attacking her lips with the 
ferocity of a starving man who had found a feast.

When she pulled away, gasping for breath, he took his chance and took long strides 
towards their bungalow, hot footing it to the bedroom…

He deposited her on the bed, not quite gently, eliciting a tiny giggle.

But she stopped laughing when she saw the look of pure desire in his espresso eyes.

He peeled her wet sarong away from her body and growled at every inch of her skin 
that came into view…

Her heartbeat sped up as he leaned down, and again their lips met, but not for long.

He pulled his mouth away and left a trail of quick, fevered kisses down her jaw, little 
nips and licks intermingled as his wet, soft lips traced the curve of her neck, finally 
settling on her breast.

Dragging his lips along her plump flesh he found that he wasn't capable of waiting…

Khushi moaned as he took a nipple into his mouth, and sucked, running his tongue 
around and around.

Her hands grasped his hips, pulling his pelvis against her warmth as she moaned and 
arched into his body.

He freed his mouth from the temptation of her pink flesh…

Without giving her a chance to complain, he continued the journey of his mouth 
southward until he reached her soft belly.

He stopped again... “You better be ready sweetheart…because I won't stop until your 
body is spraying juices into my mouth…”

She squeaked in response to his statement…
"I want your hard, hard clitoris pulsing between my teeth as my tongue massages the 

Khushi was now moaning as she spread her legs and tipped her pelvis upward in 
invitation to his oral fixation.

But he changed directions, heading back towards her breasts.

"No…no please…please Arnavji…"

“I love your breasts... these always did things to me Khushi…these breasts of yours 
tormented me… So perfect…. Many times I wanted to drag you back to our room, rip 
your dress off and drive my body into yours…”

“Why... Why aren't you…” and then she swallowed hard, and shouted at him in 
frustration… “Why aren’t you... licking me! You taste everything else but where I 
want you to!”

“Because I am going to torture you... in the most pleasurable of ways...” He growled
 and squeezed her breasts gently.

“Oh, no please…you've teased me a lot…but...”

"Yes…for YOUR own good…and now…now it's for mine…"

She moaned in anticipation and pulled his head to her chest.

He attacked her breast a second time; but he wasn’t without mercy, as one of his 
free hands roamed southward, cupping her wet warmth.

But his hand was there simply there for the ride -- to feel her pelvis writhe and buck 
and grind in reaction to the onslaught of his mouth as he nibbled and pulled her 
nipple gently at first, then not quite so gently. 

"Ahhhhhh! Arnavji! Please, I need…I need you to…to…OH…OH!"

He sucked her breast in deeply, circling her nipple with his tongue, feeling the tiny 
nerves pulse and swell…

It didn’t take long before the fire between her legs surged into the palm of his hand.

She screamed his name over and over as the walls of her most intimate of places 
quivered in release as she tumbled over the edge.

He squeezed her, calmed her, brought her back from ecstasy to a state of bliss.

"How…h…how…do…do you do it…"

Arnav kept his open mouth over her areola as he spoke, ”my mouth worships you…all 
I want is to feel your body at my mercy…"

Khushi smiled, panting until her breath regulated itself once again and she sighed.

He continued to caress her stomach as his lips brushed soft kisses from one breast 
to the other…

"I want…"

Arnav paused…"Want what…tell me…"

"I want to…to pleasure you…I feel so…so guilty for…for denying you pleasure, when 
you give me so much…"

Arnav sucked her nipple firmly as he lifted his head, her nipple soon popping out of 
his mouth…

"Denying me pleasure!?!"

Even in her sedate state, she flinched at his harsh words…

"THIS…" he caged her body in his hands, "IS MY PLEASURE! Your body is... brilliant 
and I want nothing more than to taste you! Seeing your body under my complete 
control, responding to my every touch, kiss, caress, gives me some fucking STRONG 

“I just…I want to…to do something for YOU…"

He suddenly snarled as a grin spread over his face, "Alright then, you difficult, 
stubborn woman, Straddle my face!”

Khushi paled, “What?”

“I want to be on my back looking up at you -- I want a clear view of your face when I 
make you come... and it will be more much more pleasurable for you, too. This position 
allows me to taste you more deeply, hitting your sweet spot from a certain angle... an 
angle I can effectively achieve from this position. With my tongue and long, manly, 
talented fingers I will be able to access both your clit and your G spot--”

“I can't…I can't…you…you won't be…I…It's not…” she squeaked as he pulled her up 
and on top of him…

“…I can barely withstand that feeling when I’m laying down…"

"You'll take it…" he said firmly.

"You won't be…won't be able to find it…" she said trying to discourage him…

"I was BORN to find that brilliant little place just behind the front wall of your vagina, 
between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix…” he glared at her, trying to 
prove his point, "I will ALWAYS find it…"

Arnav then pulled her high over his shoulders, even though he could feel her 

"Hold on…" he instructed as she grabbed the cool metal rails of the headboard, gritted 
her teeth, and balanced on her knees as he centred her core over his mouth…


“I won't let you move off me until I suck every drop of pleasure out of your body…,” he 
growled into her as his breath swept up through her channel.

She whimpered as his tongue licked the length of her labia from front to back, and then 
back to front, slowly, gently.

His hands guided the angle of her pelvis as he grasped her hips, stilling them as she 
reacted, fighting his strength in a futile attempt to writhe away from his mouth.

He dipped his tongue inside her walls, licked and pulled out, tasting her slick, musky 
warmth, smelling her arousal.

He moaned as his own senses were filled with the essence of her... his Khushi.

He pressed his tongue flat against her clitoris, and then began it all over again.

"I…oh…God…" She couldn’t control herself as she tried desperately to thrust her 
pelvis more firmly into his mouth.

He looked up at her, transfixed by the beauty of her breasts bouncing and the exertion 
on her face as she sought to release the rapidly building orgasm that was surging, 
rising in her.

He inserted a finger into her opening and pressed that spot he had explained in such 
detail, and then pulsed it as he rapidly flicked his tongue over her clit in a succession 
of percussive assaults…

With a gasp and a grunting scream, her entire womb and walls shuddered almost 
violently, thrumming against his still-inserted finger.

"AHHHHH!!!! OH! OH OH OH!!!!!!!!!!"

And as she groaned and yelled, her gspot squired...

His open mouth covered her vagina and sucked, wallowing her pleasured rush, 
drinking her down, suckling hard…

He felt the fluttering seizure of her muscles trying to trap his tongue inside of her.

Finally, She collapsed backwards onto his legs, her chest heaving, her body utterly 
spent, arms straight at her sides, legs astride his chest, her back pressed up against 
his erect, firm and ready penis.

But he was now sitting up, his lips still suctioned to her core…

Rain started to beat on the walls and windows…

Lightening flashed outside and lit up the room…

As though the lightning struck his own body, his mouth released her…

He could  smell her arousal, and feel the slickness of her readiness as he pulled her 
torso up against his chest…

"Khushi…Khushi Raizada, I LOVE you…"

She tried to reply, but soon felt the tip of his penis grazing over her swollen and ready 
Tears were in her eyes now, as they held each other's gazes, transfixed, lost in their 
brown depths.

"I…I have no…no strength…no…"

With a slow, steady and gentle motion, he clutched her tighter and slid inside her…

"I won't let go…"

And as he began to penetrate her, she released her mind’s control over her body,  
letting herself be swept away once again by the storm of his love washing over hurt, 
the feeling of his warmth, the touch of his hands…

He could feel her trying to ride him, to help along their lovemaking even though she 
was exhausted…

Keeping himself inside her, he pressed his hand to her back and slowly spun their 
bodies around, laying her back against the bed…

Once again, she was trapped beneath her husband…about to receive another series 
of climaxes that would once again send her spiraling…

Anchoring her body close, his mouth touched hers as his thrusts became faster, 
deeper, stronger…

Her hot breath was fanning his lips as she moaned…

"Feel me…Long…thick…touching every centemeter inside you…so deep…"

Khushi was whimpering endlessly…

"I'm going to thrust deeper…"

And he flexed his hips, tantalizing her insides with his body… 

She sucked in a shrill breath as an orgasm began to start…

"Oh…I lo…love…I love you…I love you!"

"Shut up you crazy woman and COME FOR ME! HARD! AND DON'T STOP! COME! 

Her piercing scream won out over the thunder's rumbling…


With a fierce suction, her body tried desperately to swallow him up…

And with a superhuman strength, Arnav clutched her body tight, restraining her, 
holding her close to suffer every last contraction even though she was in shatters…

Her channel gushed around him, a wave so forceful and torrid that he lost his control…

His back stiffened as his testicles seized up and he let out a drastic roar as his semen 
surged like lava inside her…


Hours later, as he began to wake, he saw that his body was still tangled with hers…

Even though is phallus was now soft, it still rested shallowly inside her core…

His limbs ached, and he licked his lips, still able to taste her…

He smiled, "You…are incredible…" his fingers gently brushed some stray strands of 
her hair away from her eyes…

Her eyelashes flickered, and soon her eyes shone into his…


She gave him a sleepy smile…"H…Hi…"

"You're still tired?"

Khushi nodded…

"Well then, Mrs. Raizada, I shall tend to your every need…"

"Mmmm…that sounds good…I could get used to this…"

He nudged her slightly and kissed her neck, letting his tongue slide over her pulse…

"Until we get home, then you can get back in the kitchen and cook jalebi yourself…"

Arnav expected her to snide him and tell him off, but instead, she shook her head and 
calmly said, "Sure...I will get fat…"

Lifting an eyebrow, he bit her gently…"oh really? Care to tell me why my love?"

Her hands slid up to his face as she held him, "Because that's what happens when a 
woman is pregnant…"

His eyes widened, and his jaw dropped…"You…you're…"

And she nodded.

I's ended...
I loved this story too...
But I shall now be working on all the other stories I've yet to finish!
So stay tuned! And PLEASE leave your comments!
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