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SS : Heartbeats Part 16

"Still tired?"

Khushi nodded.

Their relaxing steamy bath had renewed some of her strength, but she still felt like a floppy noodle.

"Okay, well…" he wrapped the big bath towel around his hips and tucked in the corner, "how about we have something to eat, and then…have a talk…"

She blinked…

".…a talk.…?"

Arnav smiled and leaned towards her, grabbing her chin, "About us, about what's been going on, about insanely blonde hair…" he ruffled her hair and then planted a quick kiss on her lips…

Khushi smirked, "I TOLD you why I colored my hair…"

Arnav straightened, "I know, and I love you no matter how you look…"

He turned around, and walked towards the kitchen, stretching his arms over his head to ease out the aches in his muscles…

Khushi bit her lip as she saw the ripped muscles on his back…

But as she sat up, she looked around for her clothes…

Suddenly, Arnav was back, holding one of his white shirts up to her…

"Here…I never got the chance to admire you properly when you wore my shirt before…"

Khushi blushed deeply and quickly pulled the fabric over her, doing up the top 4 buttons…

She caught sight of his smug smirk just before he turned to walk away again…

Bending down, she grabbed her cotton panties and quickly stepped into them…

What use will there be for underwear when I return with him…oh God! I didn't say "if" I said WHEN! Does that mean, mean that my heart is ready to do this!?

She wandered towards the kitchen and heard him opening and shutting doors, and rattling plates…

He has stayed true to his word…so far…he hasn't mislead me…or pressured me…and he's been so great with Libbi…so maybe…maybe…

Three hard knocks at the door interrupted her thoughts…

Her eyes darted to the kitchen, but Arnav obviously hadn't heard it…

Creeping closer to the front door, she listened…

And the words she heard, sent her into a state of shock.

"Chote? Are you there with Khushiji? Payal and I came as fast as we could!"

Khushi froze.


Clutching her heart, she felt a sting spread through her body over his bloody betrayal.

He DID tell them! Why should I be surprised…He always was one to enforce his own way, being totally in charge…

Three knocks tapped on the front door once more…

And the flashback of what she heard echoed in her mind…

Khushi could vaguely hear them chattering… "Lets go to the other address…"

He called them this morning…I truly thought that…that he wouldn't…wouldn't force things…

She felt intense relief when she heard their footsteps walking away…

But as soon as the footsteps faded, new ones began.

Arnav entered the room, holding a tray with glasses of water and some fruit and sweets…

He placed it on the table in front of the sofa and straightened, staring purposefully into her eyes…

Of all the things she could have said to him, of all the things to start a conversation with after such a sizable emotional hurricane, she blurted out the only thing she could think of…


His piercing brown eyes narrowed as his complexion paled…. “What the!?”

“You heard me,” she said, arms crossed over her chest, taking one step closer… “I truly believed you! WHY!? I KNEW I shouldn't have believed you! I KNEW! But I did anyway!”

His eyes flickered with panic but he kept his stance strong... “Khushi, what are you talking about?"

She pursed her lips… “I KNOW! So stop pretending! I've had ENOUGH!"

Arnav's indignance shot up, "Stop pretending what!? Khushi what the HELL are you talking about!? I have NOT lied to you! I swear!"

Khushi's jaw dropped…“HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU SAY THAT!?”

His eyes went dark… “No…NO Khushi…you do NOT talk that way…"

Khushi stormed forwards, pummeling his chest with her fists…"I'll talk however the hell I want!"

Quickly cuffing her wrists with his hands, he held them behind her back…"You STOP this! Right now! And TELL me what the hell has got you so angry!"

“Let me tell you something,” she continued, still on a roll. “I am truly disgusted with you!"

His hand tightened on her wrists as his other now gripped the back of her neck…"Oh really!”

She writhed in his grip, her eyes full of fight… “Yeah, that’s right. You bloody LIAR!”

Starting to walk her body backwards, he pulled her closer, using his strength to restrain her…"And YOU, my wife, are foolish and impulsive,” he shot back, “So STOP acting like a child and tell me what I've apparently LIED about!"

"You called them! Jiji and Di were JUST outside your door! Asking about me, and whether you had me here!"

Arnav stopped moving just before her back touched the front door.

His heart thudded as his brain worked furiously, trying to figure out how this all happened…


She stared at him, knowing her mouth was agape…"Oh look, just STOP with the lying!"

Arnav's voice was quiet…"They were here? They know I found you?...but…but I…I don't…"

Khushi pushed and pulled, flexing her wrists, desperate to get away…

"Let go of me…I don't want to be near you!"

His fighting instinct kicked in and he took one long step forwards, slamming her into the door, holding her still…"Well you don't get a say in this! Because YOU are the one jumping to conclusions now! I did NOT call ANYONE! I promised that I wouldn't, and when it comes to YOU, I will KEEP my promises!"

Keeping his body weight on her, he grasped her hands tighter as his other hand reached over to the small shelf near the door that held his keys and mobile phone…

Grabbing his phone, he scrolled through the contacts and called the office,  hitting the speakerphone button…

After three rings, the call was answered…

"Arnav Singh Raizada's line."

Khushi recognized Anne voice…

"Ms. Gomal, I need to know if my sister has been in touch with anyone at the office?"

Anne didn't respond straight away…

"Ms. Gomal this is important!" Arnav probed…

"I'm so sorry Sir, I…I just…She called here trying to reach you. She said that you weren't answering your phone, and I…"

Arnav could see Khushi's eyes softening as realization dawned on her…

"I told her that you were with your wife…I…I am…I'm so sorry…please forgive me…"

Not bothering to reply, Arnav simply hung up.

He lifted his eyebrows…

Khushi knew he was trying to summon a response from her, but she lifted her chin and said, "After all that has happened, I am ALLOWED to jump to conclusions!"

Rolling his eyes, he released her hands and spun her around…"I did NOT lie to you! Doesn't this PROVE THAT!? I love you! And I'm trying to convince you, so why would I try to sabotage that!?"

"I don't know! I just know that I want to leave."

She marched into his bedroom and picked up her clothing…

But Arnav soon knocked it out of her hands, "You're not going anywhere…"

Khushi pulled at her skirt, "Yes I am!"

"Stop acting like a child! Let's talk about this!"

"TALK!? I don't want to TALK to you Arnav Singh Raizada!" she yanked at her dress, but it didn't budge from his grip…"Give it to me! And I am NOT a child!"

Arnav wrapped her dress around his fist and stepped closer, "Khushi I swear if you don't stop this I'm going to…"

"What!? What are you going to do!? Send me to my room like a child!? Smack me like a child!?"

Arnav paused, but his shoulders stiffened,  “Yeah. Now that you mention it….I WOULD do that…”

Khushi barked out a laugh.

Not a nice one, either.

Arnav had now dropped her clothing and his gaze was evenly staring at her…

Khushi's giggling began to fade and she planted her hands on her hips…“Go on, then,” she said, biting the tip of her tongue.

His eyebrow arched as he watched her hoity behaviour…

She watched his brow furrow and continued to dare him… “Go ahead then...watch me stay with you after that!”

His eyes narrowed at her again, and his pectoral muscles flexed….He wasn’t giving an inch…. “You will stay, and don’t think I wouldn’t do it…”

“I’d bloody well like to see you try!” she hissed, clenching her fists and hitting his ripped chest...

She didn’t like how tall he was, that she had to yell up at him, so she made up for it with an even angrier expression.

“Would you now?” he responded in a low, restrained tone that showed his seriousness, “Are you sure about that?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. Go on and give it your best shot, and see where it gets you!”

“All right, then,” he said, seeming to shrug, and the next thing Khushi knew, she was being bodily lifted off her feet and found herself staring at Arnav's back from above, as he hauled her over his shoulder and started to walk.

“What the hell are you doing?” she demanded, her fists pounding uselessly on his shoulder blade. “Put me down!”

“Okay,” he answered, and he sat on something, and down she went.

Her knees came to rest on the couch cushion and she fell forward onto her hands.

She was facedown across his lap. 

“You’ve got to be bloody kidding!” she said through gritted teeth. 

“Nope,” he said sternly… “It was your idea….”

Khushi was squirming…“Don’t you even think about it.”

He leaned forward and cupped her jaw in his large hand, turning her face toward him. “Already have done. I can think fast when the situation calls for it. But, here’s the thing–and LISTEN to me good, I WILL NEVER BETRAY YOU! EVER! And you are NOT even allowed to THINK that I would…so, let me spank it out of you!”

She met his gaze, noticing the heat sparking in his black irises…

“Go ahead, then,” she said defiantly, swallowing to moisten her suddenly dry throat. “If that’s how it is.”

“Oh, it is, I am your husband! And you ARE GOING TO TRUST ME!”

Just as she was going to reply, he lifted his hand and brought it down hard…



The slap to her bottom surprised her with how quickly it had come, and that he’d actually done it.

The handprint he’d left through her thin white panties faded from light pain to warmth.

Blood rushing to the skin.

She bit her lip, bracing for another.


The other cheek this time.

Heat flared in her face as well as across her backside.

Her voice was hoarse as she tried to get his attention, "Arnavji…Arn…AHH!!!!!!!!!!!"


On top of the first spot, the last strike stung a bit more, but this time the heat spread to her sex, and she made a small noise in her throat.

She felt his response; he jumped a little, and the hand resting on the back of her thigh tightened its grip. 

“Satisfied?” she couldn’t help saying, twisting to look at him.

He was still, breathing hard, the hand he’d used to spank her resting hotly on her back. 

“Just for that snide remark, no…I'm not satisfied…” he answered…

Her eyes widened as she saw his hand move…

Bracing herself for another smack, she tensed her back muscles…

But instead of a stinging slap, she felt his palm gently smooth over her reddened skin…

He heard her hiss slightly as he soothed the burn…

As his gentleness swept over her senses, she felt her eyes well up…

I judged him so fast…but…but after everything…


Hearing his voice, her eyes darted up and roamed over his face.

Gently moving her, he helped her to stand…

As she stood before him, his fingers tugged at the waistband of her panties and pulled them down…


"Shhhhh…" his eyes were piercing, even though his voice was quiet…

Reaching for her,  she took the single step that brought her between his spread knees. 

He guided her closer and closer, between his long legs, and she found that her sex was almost level with his face…

Her hands were resting on his shoulders, which were hard and tense under her fingers…

“Hold still, now,” he nearly whispered, leaning forward.

She felt the muscles flex in his shoulder when he reached out to bring his palm against her backside, hard, this time skin making contact with skin…

She sucked in a breath.

It didn’t hurt, as the strike wasn’t as forceful as the first time. 

His hand lingered there, just below her bottom.

His palm, now moist with perspiration, slid an inch or so down over her bare leg,  an erotic caress.

Arousal shot straight down through her, and it was all she could do not to make a noise that would give it away.

Her upper body sagged and she bent over, resting more of her arms against his shoulders…

“I'm sorry…” she whispered.

He didn’t reply, but his long-fingered hand came back up along her backside, Stopped and Squeezed.

She drew in a breath.

Surely he could feel the heat radiating from about three inches away from his hand.

She let her breath flow across his neck as she exhaled, and she felt his body tense even more.

A sigh escaped from his throat, that hitched his breath.

Both of his hands were now firmly cupping her bottom, but unmoving.

Feeling his emotional distress, she hooked an arm gently around his neck, laying her cheek on his shoulder…

“Arnavji…I'm sorry…” she said quietly, moving her lips against the hot skin of his neck.

His skin tasted marvelous.

Salt and man and indefinable mystery. 

A deep breath filled his chest… “K..Khushi,” he managed to say, his voice dark and gravelly.

"I'm sorry…" she whimpered…

“Damn it Khushi stop apologizing…”

She didn't move her head, just turned her cheek along his, and her lips were at his jawline.

His skin was hot, so hot.

“I know you had every right to react….to not trust me…and… ah.”

She had moved her slightly parted lips along his jaw, lightly, as though she were just dazed.

“I do trust you…I was angry…and…and I…” 

Her words stopped as his hands slid up and over her bottom to her lower back.

“You have lived for nine years with the knowledge that I abandoned you…what else would you think….” He turned his head, burying his face in her hair, he inhaled deep. “I don't blame you...I just love you…”

She pulled back, catching his face between her hands.

His skin was feverishly hot.

His eyes were lit up fiercely with need…

"I love you…"

He sighed which rapidly turned into a groan as she leaned in, pressing her body against his.

“Okay, enough talk…” he growled, and caught her about the waist, pulling her forward to straddle his lap. 

It was like someone flipped a switch on her entire body, at once. 

His hips lifted between her thighs, pressing undeniable proof of his arousal through the towel around his waist.

Her breasts were cradled against his chest, and his arms closed around her back tightly.

Her head fell back a little, but he caught it with his hand, and with one last possessive look, he captured her mouth in a bruisingly hard kiss.

It was hard enough to have hurt, but It didn’t.

She kissed him back with equal passion, rising up on her knees to rub herself all along his length, her arms crossing behind his neck as she parted her lips to let him deepen the kiss. 

Oh, God, the pleasure of it.

Him, against her, his tongue tasting every recess of her mouth.

His fingers stroked through her hair, gripping the strands to hold her at the right angle for his kiss.

But soon his hands were elsewhere…tearing open the shirt and covering and holding her breasts…

He had such amazing hands, large and elegant and capable of such kindness and pleasure…

They were now kneading and lifting her sensitive flesh, her nipples caught roughly under his thumbs. 

"Yes. More. Please!"

He groaned, and quickly moved to catch her nipple in his mouth, flicking a glance up at her to see her reaction.

Her eyes fluttered closed. 

"Oh don’t stop. So good. So, so good."

He felt her hands still frozen to his shoulders and guided them to touch him, bringing them over the smooth skin of his chest, his sides, his back…

His forearm kept her trapped firmly against him, as though he’d never let her go.

When he slid his fingers between the folds of her sex, they groaned in unison…

"Whoa…so… so wet…"

He stroked her and she moved with him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Trying desperately to hand on…

"Arnavji…I…I'm…I'm still…"

"You're tired, I know…tell me you still love me, please…I need to hear it right now…"

Just as her mouth opened to respond, he entered her…

Now that she was on top, the angle made his body slide deep…

He could see that she was trying to lift herself up, but Arnav only held her hips down…

Khushi could do nothing but pant and gasp…

Arnav was thick and hot and hard as iron…

His dark eyes were almost haunted as they met hers.

"…tell me…" he whispered…

Her lips trembled…."I…lo…love y…you…"

Holding her torso close against his, he slowly turned their joined bodies so that she was now lying on her back against the couch, and he now loomed above her…

“Beautiful…you are…beautiful…” he whispered, brokenly, as though full sentences in order were beyond him at that moment. 

She didn’t respond.

Couldn't respond.

Her throat felt tight.

"I'm so--AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!"

He drove deep inside her, and she cried out and searched his arms, shoulders, neck with her hands for somewhere to hold on.

Slick and hot and male, everywhere he touched her.

Sliding his arm beneath her back, he soon discovered the perfect angle to make her gasp and cling to him in total capitulation, which she answered by raking her nails over his shoulder blades until he hissed with pleasure.

He kissed her, thoroughly, never wavering in a relentless rhythm.

Somehow he knew when she was totally mindless and wound up tighter than a steel coil, and he reached down with deft fingers all the while whispering, "Khushi…Khushi. Come for me, Khushi…"

The pleasure was so intense, she could only let go as a shattering scream tore from her throat…

Arnav tried to watch her, to draw out her orgasm, but her climax had tipped him over the edge of his arousal, too, and before long he was shaking as his hips pumped furiously…

He ground out her name from between tightly clenched teeth.

Khushi wanted this moment to last forever, this total intimate union.

His breath against her ear, her hair, the joined sweat of their bodies between them.

She knew it wouldn’t last as long as she wanted.

When he met her eyes, he could see the exhaustion; it was like sparks fading.

“So much happened today,” he said, tracing a thumb over her lips…"so much is still going to happen…but hear me, I am not leaving you…or Libbi…you're my girls…and I…I love you both so damn much…"

He began to pull out, but heard khushi start to whisper, "n…no…no…p…pl…please…"

Gently caressing the damp hair away from her forehead he asked, "I'm not going anywhere…"

"No…" her whisper stuttered…

Leaning back into her body, he stayed inside her and kissed her gently…


"So they weren't at Arnav's place?"

Anjali shook her head, "No Veenaji, we knocked, but no one answered…"

"Well, we knocked once at the wrong apartment, and disturbed a very kind older lady who offered to feed us…" Payal said laughing…

"Oh yes, she was sweet," Anjali agreed, "But we then knocked at the right apartment, twice even, but no one answered…"

Veena huffed, "Well it's a good thing they weren't there. I don't think Khushi would react to well to this uninvited appearance…No matter how much she has missed you both…"

"She's always been an overreactor…but I think Veenaji is right…"

"Ofcourse I'm right!" Veena grinned, "She may be your sister, but I can also tell you that she has changed a LOT over the past nine years…"


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