Monday, February 17, 2014

SS : Heartbeats Part 18

Arnav rolled his eyes as his phone buzzed…

"Is…is it them? Are they looking for me?"

Her tone was apprehensive and he knew she still felt flighty…

"I told you…I'm in charge…and I won't have anyone, ANYONE, force their way into our life…"

He squeezed Khushi's hand as he leant over to the coffee table to reach his mobile…

But as his eyes zoned in on the screen, his expression lit up…

"Ah, let me rephrase, anyone but this one…"

Khushi looked down at the caller ID and began grinning…

Arnav gave Khushi a  quick kiss on her forehead and answered the call…

"Arnav Singh Raizada, at your service…"

He was instantly gifted with a musical little laugh, as well as a proud and truly erotic expression from his wife…

Pulling Khushi closer, he hit speakerphone, "You're on speakerphone now, so mummy and I can hear you…how is my little girl?"

Libbi slowly said,  "well…I did something bad…"

Arnav exchanged glances with Khushi as she said, "Baby, what happened?"

Libbi paused and then tried to explain…"Well…Uncle Raj and I were listening into to Veenaji talk to my new aunties…"

Arnav felt Khushi stiffen slightly and intervened…"Hold on one second sweetie," and he leaned in close to Khushi…"I meant what I said…NO ONE pushed into our life…except our baby…"

Even though he could see that her eyes were still wary, she nodded and snuggled up close against him…

Keeping one arm around his wife, Arnav asked, "What happened baby girl, don't be scared to tell us…"

She audibly sighed and finally spilled the beans, "I had a moment of complete insanity…"

Khushi's expression was firm, but Arnav, he instantly burst into laughter…

Hitting his chest, Khushi glared at him, "STOP THAT! Your daughter is trying to confess to something! You can't just LAUGH at it!"

He tried to control himself even as Khushi tried to stop the grin that threatened to appear on her own lips….

"I'm sorry Libbi, the way you talk is just the cutest and sweetest thing I've ever heard…"

"You mean you're not angry with me!?"

"well," he coughed…"I don't know yet, you haven't actually said what you did…"

Libbi stuttered, "w…well…I…"

"Come on baby, don't be afraid…"

As soon as Khushi said that, Libbi's voice changed.

"Afraid!? I'm NOT afraid! I proved it by doing what I did!"

Khushi was about to reply but Arnav slammed his mouth to hers.

Pulling away quickly, he whispered, "Please, oh please let me handle this one?"

His eyebrows arched and she blinked slowly as she nodded…

"Alright my little monkey, no more stalling, what did you do…?"

And he remained quiet until Libbi had finished…

"I was listening to the conversation with Raj, when my new Aunties told Veenaji that they wouldn't leave until you returned home. Veenaji was trying so hard to be patient, and she even said she understood why they felt the way they did…but…they wanted to face mummy and you, and I didn't want mummy getting angry and I didn't want daddy to leave…I got worried that things would fall apart, and I…I raced into the kitchen…and…"

Khushi and Arnav could no longer contain their uproarious laughter as she explained what she did…

Their stomachs were hurting and tears were rolling down their cheeks when they finally calmed…

"Oh my GOD! That is the funniest thing I've heard in a long time!" Arnav forced out between laughs, "You are SO much like your mummy!"

Libbi's toned perked up, "So you're not mad!?"

Khushi spoke up, "Oh I'm furious with you, but that being said, I love you so much baby, and I understand why you…why you did…"

Khushi burst into a fit of giggles once more…

Arnav let her laugh and joyed in seeing his wife so free in his presence…


"Yes daddy?"

He bit back a chuckle and said, "Did you really run to the fridge, take out a squeeze bottle of chocolate sauce, and threaten them to leave?"

"Yes daddy."
His face was almost tortured as he stopped himself from laughing, "Did you really manage to get them to run from the house?"

"Yes daddy."

Arnav's voice was now starting to crack as a smile broke out across his face…"Did you really squirt chocolate sauce all over them?"

She paused, and then sighed, "Yes daddy."


Libbi heard them both laughing uncontrollably and had to hold the phone away from her ear…

It was then that Veena walked into the room, "Well? What have they said?"

Libbi held up the phone and Veena heard them giggling like children…

Hands on her hips, she shook her head…"Like mother and father, like daughter…"

Taking the phone, Veena tried to get their attention…"Hello!!! Khushi!??!???!"


"Listen to me, I know this is funny, but you weren't here! Your sisters were COVERED with chocolate icecream sauce!!!"


Khushi couldn't stop, the laughter went on and on…

"Please…please understand, I know that it may seem rude or…"

"RUDE!?" Veena shouted, "It was HYSTERICAL! I've never seen two pushy people be put in their place by a 9 year old!"

Arnav's cheeks were sore from smiling so much…"Were they alright? Di and Payal?"

"Ofcourse they were, it was just icecream topping…"

"COLD Ice cream topping…" Libbi chimed in from the background…


"Look at the mess!" Payal shreiked…

Anjali was scowling, "That child is IMPOSSIBLE! Why is a neighbouring child even there!"

Payal paused, and when they locked eyes, a smile crept over their faces…

"You looked so funny," she made a face and pretended to act out how Anjali looked, "AH! Get that chocolate away from me! Oh no it hit me! Help!"

Anjali smirked, "Oh yeah? You were no better! You practically used me as a body sheild! That's why I have more sauce on MY dress than you do!"

Pulling into their hotel, they parked the car and tried to stealthily sneak past the questioning stares and up to their room…

Once safely inside they both looked from the bathroom, then back to each other…
"Well," Anjali said matter-of-factly, "since I am WAY more chocolatey than you are, I should shower first…"

Payal surveyed Anjali's sari, that was in fact completely covered…"That's fair…and I'm sorry for hiding behind you…"

There was a moment of silence, and then they began laughing…

"I've never had that happen before! That kid has quite an aim!"

Payal nodded, "What a feisty little girl, she really wanted to protect Arnavji and Khushi…"

Anjali frowned, "Why do you think that is?"

"I guess because she likes them…but why would she have met them?"

"Did you not see how Veenaji and Raj love her! It was as though she were Khushi's own daughte-" Anjali's voice trailed off…

Payal went pale…"No…she…Di, I mean, she's about 9 years…old…"

"Oh no…"

Complete and utter shame took front seat in the room…

"Oh my God…"

"She was scared…"

Payal nodded, "She WAS, when she chased us out, she said…"
"I can't let you ruin this…" Anjali finished Payal's sentence…

She grabbed Payal's hand…"That little girl…"

"She's so much like my sister, I should have seen it! We were so pushy, we were so determined to see them before they were ready…"

Anjali opened her sticky bag and pulled out her phone…

Quickly dialling, she waited for an answer…



"oh Anjali? Um…Please accept my apologies once again, I…"

"We are so sorry."

"What? I don't understand…"

"We were pushing for this meeting to happen, and were not considering the feelings of the people around us…"

Payal took the phone, "Hello, this is Khushi's sister…"

"Are you alright Payal? I know that Anjali caught the brunt of the chocolate…"

Payal laughed, "Yes, Di did get covered…but…I…I must ask…that little girl…is she…is she their daughter…?"

Veena went quiet.

Anjali lifted her brows, mouthing, "Well?!"

"I…I have to go now…I'm sorry I can't answer your question…"


"So what did we agree?"

"No more food fights…" Libbi repeated.

"That's a good girl…" Khushi said smiling in relief.

Arnav interrupted, "Personally, I'm all for mango food fights…"

Khushi's head darted up and she gasped, "SHH!!!!"

"What do you mean daddy?"

"He doesn't mean anything baby, we'll be on our way over soon…"


"Yes," he grew concerned, "why do you suddenly sound so sad?"

"Well, can I ask you something?"

Arnav smiled, "You KNOW you can, anytime, anything at all…"

"Well…will you sleep in the car again?"

"Libbi!" Khushi jolted up, "You can't ask him to do that…"
Arnav scowled at his wife, "She sure can!" he held the phone closer to his lips, "I most certainly will, my princess…"

Khushi tried to move away as she yelled, "You most certainly won't!"

Glaring at Khushi, he leaned over her, intimidating her with his size… "Khushi, I will do ANYTHING to prove to you and our daughter that-"

"You will stay with me…with us…INSIDE the house…"

Arnav actually turned pale with shock…"W…what?"

Khushi's eyes shed soft tears as she replied, "You're my husband…and I want you with me…"

"Yeep! Yay! Yippie! This is great! I'm going to go have a bath, and then I will clean up EVERYTHING! This is so exciting! I'll see you soon! I love you mummy, I love you daddy!"

And Libbi hung up.

Arnav wanted to speak, but could barely summon his words as his eyes were glued to Khushi's…

"Do you mean it?"

Khushi became nervous, "Would, would you prefer, to have us come here? I mean, It will be different, but…I can try and…"

Dropping his mobile, he grabbed her tightly with both hands, "I will go WHEREVER you want me to go…I don't want to take you away from anything Khushi, or anyone…I just want you…I want Libbi…I want us…"

"Then you will stay?"


Khushi's heart was struck with empathy for her broken husband…

His voice was rasping, his expression one of pure and utter submission…

My strong husband…the one who is always in control…and yet, it is my words that he yields to…

Instead of answering her, Arnav leaned in closer, pressing his lips to the corner of her mouth…"I want nothing more than to be with you…I just love you so damn much…"

"I don't want you to feel that I'm…"

Arnav swiftly grabbed her, pulling her body onto his lap, her legs now straddling him as he held her tight…

"You have the power to make me do ANYTHING Khushi…" he fisted her hair, yanking on it to prove his point…"Don't you REALIZE that already? I may be in control in our love making, but don't you KNOW that you hold all control over my heart?!"

She could barely move an inch as she stared head on into his eyes…

"But you said, you said that you wouldn't LET me leave you…How am I in control?"

His eyes softened, "I said that I wouldn't let you…and I meant it…but Khushi…if I were TRULY in control, I'd have the power to walk away… You have stripped me of all and ANY power I may have ever had…and it is YOU who have had the complete control over my heart and soul, since the moment I met you, since the moment I was idiot enough to drive you away from me, and for the entirety of these past nine years, where you have remained constantly in my mind…there is nothing left of me Khushi…you own my heart, my body, my mind…"

Oh my…

His lips soon came crashing down onto hers…

I know, I know, I know...I'M SORRY IT'S SHORT! I will write more very soon! 


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