Thursday, May 22, 2014

SS : The Moment Is Coming

(I would encourage you to reread the first SS to get the feeling for this continuation)


"Thankyou so much for inviting us for dinner…"

Nani smiled as the Gupta's entered the Raizada mansion.

"Oh look at this little one! He's grown!" Buaji chimed with happiness…

Payal had walked up with her baby in her arms…"I know Buaji, but you only saw him yesterday…"

Garima laughed, "You know how obsessed she can be…"

"I think it's adorable," Anjali said as she walked up behind Nani, "… we all knew this little boy would be spoiled with love…"

Buaji looked around, "And where is Akash tonight?"

"He should be here any minute, he was working late with Arnavji…"

Anjali's expression paled, "Chote has been working more than living…he doesn't know how to function without K-"

At that moment, the door opened…

Payal's baby squeeled with delight seeing his daddy, and Akash beamed bright…

"Goodevening everyone!"

The family were all smiles, until Arnav walked in behind him…

He didn't even look up.

He stayed silent as he stood one step away from Akash.

Akash looked apologetically towards his family, knowing that they no longer knew Arnav.

He had transformed into a hollow shell.

Everyday, Akash went from seeing an all hell raging ASR at work, and an empty brother at home.

Khushi leaving him, had been the biggest disaster in his life.

Even moreso than losing his parents.

He had tried, so strenuously, to get her back after her attempted suicide, but he could not.

Her heart was no longer able to take it.

She had been crushed by her own actions…

And Arnav knew that it had been his actions that caused hers.

The Angry ASR, now left at the office, was now silent Arnav, who barely locked eyes with anyone anymore.


He turned slightly towards his sister, but kept his head low…

Anjali stepped forwards, "The Gupta's are here…"

Arnav meekly glanced up and said, "Goodevening. Thankyou for coming. Please enjoy your night here, and forgive me, but I must have an early night…"

And before anyone could reply, Arnav walked away.

Anjali fell into Nani's arms as she cried…

"Shhh, Anjali, shhhh…"

Garima hurried over, "Please, please don't cry, we are all here for him, and for you…"

"I don't know him…I…I don't know him anymore…He has lost all hope…"

As Nani took Anjali away, Payal passed her baby boy over to Garima…"How was he at work today?"

Akash shook his head, "Terrifying…I honestly think that he becomes possessed when at the office! He is frightening, powerful, and knows exactly how to make his millions…but the second we leave…it's always the same…"

"He ALWAYS reverts back to being depressed and miserable?" Buaji asked sadly…

Akash nodded…


Arnav trudged into his room…

She's not here…

He glanced out at the poolside…

She's not here…

His heart shattered once again…

She's not here…

Her words continued to haunt him…

"…you don't need me...I know you love me, but I'm not what you need…"

"But you ARE what I need…You've ALWAYS been what I need!" he rasped out, his voice torn and breaking…

"I have let go of you..."

His briefcase dropped and he clutched his chest…"No Khushi! Don't!"

"There are so many bittersweet memories that we have...we will always have them"

"NO! I need YOU!" he groaned…

"...know that I'm thinking of you, praying for your happiness and for your strength...just like I was during my fast..."

His eyes shot open.

The fire in his gaze could have lit up a forest.

"Her fast…She did that for me…and what did I do? Pay attention to Sheetal…and her LIES!"

With primal fury, he turned rampant, knocking down his pot plants, shattering them against the stone cold floor.

"WHY! I didn't BLOODY well learn the first time!? First lies from that asshole and then lies from that fucking bitch!"

Aarav had been reunited with his foster family when Sheetal had been found out, and she was now serving time in a women's prison.

"It's not enough…" Arnav growled…"I lost…I lost my…my Khushi…" his emotions now driven to the edge, he began to cry in earnest…"my Khushi…no…no…"


Many miles away, Khushi sat at a desk.

Her work commanding her attention at every moment.

Her new job had been fairly easy over the past year…

She was a competent editor of a newly founded women's magazine, her therapy sessions were down to once a week, and the new friends she had made were a blessing from heaven…

But all of a sudden, she felt a prick form in her heart…

And as she lifted her hand to her face, she felt her tears…


Ovre the months, as her heart began to heal, she had started to feel a change…

Of all that she had lost…of all that she had let go…there was something that was still deep down…

Something that had been dormant, and was ready to come back to life at any moment…

And the moment was coming…


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