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FF : BREAKOUT (Epilogue)



Khushi sat down with a sigh... 

Showers were always relaxing when they took one together...

But she also knew, that what he had in mind was far from over...

With gentle hands Arnav picked up a comb and gently worked through the wet strands.

Khushi sighed under his touch as he knelt behind her chair and slipped her towel off one shoulder.

She tilted her head to give him better access and his lips met the skin of her neck just behind her ear.

His breath was cool, giving rise to goose bumps as he kissed his way down the curve of her neck to settle against the place where it met her shoulder.

His teeth scraped against her and her womb tightened while sensation flooded through her breasts, raising her nipples under the taut cotton.

Arnav's hand slid into the opening of the garment, settling over one soft mound of flesh, his fingers gliding over the hardened bud, teasing it into further arousal.

He cupped and kneaded the breast before circling back over the areola and narrowing his focus back onto the nipple.

He pulled lightly, rubbing it between forefinger and thumb.

Khushi let out a breathy sound of approval and pulled the towel free from her body.

As her body now laid bare, Arnav moved around in front of her, both hands on her breasts now.

He slid them firmly down her body, over waist and hips and thighs, before pushing her legs apart and gliding up the silky inner skin.

His fingers swept across her sex then up and over her belly before coming back down again.

“Move to the edge of the chair sweetie,” he said and Khushi scooted forward.

Arnav leaned toward her and pushed her thighs further apart, then encircled her wrists with his hands, preventing her from touching him too soon.

He took a moment to inhale her scent before blowing cool air against her.

She shivered and another wave of desire flashed through her.

His nose brushed her clitoris making her jump a little as his tongue entered her body.

She groaned at the cleverness of his mouth against her, her arms straining to pull free and touch him, but he was having none of it, holding her wrists firmly in his vice-like grip.

That always meant that he wanted to be firmly in control.

Khushi sighed and spread her legs still further, allowing him to dip inside her even deeper.

A few moments later he transferred his grip of her wrists to one hand, easily strong enough to restrain her that way, and his fingers replaced his tongue, which he had moved up to focus on her clit.

She let out a soft whimper of pleasure as her clitoris became the focus of an all out assault.

Khushi squirmed under his ministrations and little flashes of heat began to pulse low in her belly.

From there it was only a matter of seconds before he drove her up and over the edge, her orgasm raking through her womb with a ferocity that was almost violent.

Electrical aftershocks shook her even as she tried to relax and come down from the beautiful high.

She slumped in the chair as Arnav pulled away from her body with a smug grin.

She didn’t even consider trying to wipe it off his face.

He’d done more than his best with that one and he deserved to be as arrogant about it as he wanted.

He released her hands then and they fell uselessly to her sides.

“So," he grunted with pride, "Can you walk to the bed?”

She just shook her head mutely.

She didn’t even want to try.

Arnav picked her up like she weighed nothing and carried her over to the bed, laying her out gently on the sheets…"I wouldn't have let you anyway…"

He stepped back and she watched him with veiled eyes as he stripped off his dark green jumper and he tossed it over his shoulder.

His hands went next to his belt and she caught herself holding her breath as he slid it slowly inch by inch from the belt loops of his jeans.

His hand paused for just a moment on the button at the top, his eyes drilling into hers.

She met his gaze evenly then licked her lips and glanced deliberately downward again.

He unbuttoned it with teasing slowness then undid the zip one tooth at a time.

Khushi let out a little whimper as he finally peeled the denim off and he stood there in nothing but a pair of well-fitted green boxer briefs.

She eyed the bulge there hungrily…

"Hurry up Mr. Raizada, the twins will be home soon with Nani…and Di has...AHHH!!"

Arnav threw his body against her and pulled her into his arms…

He sought out her mouth and she gladly offered it up to him, her lips falling open with the briefest of swipes of his tongue.

His invasion was slow and thorough as he sought to discover places he might have missed in previous perusals of teeth and tongue.

Her hands sought out his body, seeking now the touches that he’d denied her earlier.

Fingers and palms slid over smooth skin.

His cool body began to radiate the heat of intense sexual arousal and she could feel his penis moving against her leg, twitching and ready.

He pulled back from the kiss, sucking the corner of her lower lip into his mouth before dragging his lips down her throat.

He trailed kisses down her sternum, then up and over her right breast.

He sought out the little peak, circling it rapidly with his tongue, sucking and scraping lightly with his teeth.

Khushi felt her body jerk upwards at the sensation as his hand joined his mouth, imitating movements against her other breast.

Desire built within her groin, a slow, burning need for him to be inside her.

He seemed to feel it, too, abandoning both breasts and moving back up to recapture her mouth.

His tongue was insistent as it resumed control and she groaned softly into this new kiss, her hands resting against his hair, offering him no escape until she was ready to break it.

“I need you,” she whispered finally against his lips, releasing him.

He pulled back a little and looked into her eyes. “…damn you're gorgeous…”

“Arnavji, please…” she said.

“You have me…”

“Inside me…I need you…” she repeated stubbornly.

"Maybe we should wait till later…"

Khushi was about to scream and attack, but as her mouth opened, he pushed himself inside her body in one long, smooth thrust…


"It can't be normal to want you as much as I do…But if I must label myself as abnormal, then so I must. I want you…want you more than is right and sane."

She met his eyes.

His gaze was steady and strong and searching.

“I love you, now please…please…"

He pulled back then and placed his arms behind her knees, holding her legs up to allow for deeper penetration.

He slid out and then back into her.

She loved the way he felt inside her…

He was able to maintain control for a few minutes but when sweat broke out on his brow she knew he was trying too hard.

She raised a hand to his face. “You have made love to me so gently since that day…but Arnavji, I'm okay…I'm FINE…Lose control…Lose control my husband…”

Her words touched him deep in his soul, cracking the fear that had been lurking there…

His movements began to get faster and faster and she felt him drive deeply inside her body.

Lust and desparation flared within his heart, his desire to own and possess her in all ways possible radiating clearly at the forefront of his thoughts.

Each glide within her body became more and more powerful.

She could feel him against her g-spot, their pelvises perfectly aligned to put pressure on her clitoris.

And as he began to pound into her, taking her harder and harder she felt the intense burn of desire flooding through her womb.

Her muscles began to flutter with the beginning hints that she would come in just a few more moments.

"I love you…damn it, I love you so damn much…"

He dropped her legs down to the bed, pulling her body up and wrapping his arms around her back until there was no space between them as he laid her back on the bed.

She tried to wrap her legs around his waist but he was moving too quickly for that now and she let them splay wide on the bed instead.

She contented herself with stroking his back and whispering words of encouragement.

Arnav was grunting in exertion with each thrust into her body and the sweat was dripping from him.

He was still brushing her clit with each plunge and she felt the stuttering start of her muscles beginning to contract around his penis.

With freedom guiding his actions, He felt so different, so strong within her adding to the flame of her orgasm.

She soared, rose to the very height of her climax and as she did he cried out.

"Oh my God…Khushi…Arrghhh!"

She could feel his burning sperm as he came, as it hit her powerfully from many sides.

Contractions shook her, her eyes wide, her mouth open.

She panted his hold on her became fierce…

Tears came into her eyes…

She was floating in a high so intense she thought surely she would die of pleasure.

As the euphoria washed over her, her body completely relaxed, going limp in Arnav’s arms.

Quickly demanding his own consciousness back, he rolled them over so that Khushi was on top and she lay there bonelessly.

“Are you all right?” he murmured in her ear, his voice shaky…"Khushi, answer sweetheart…I need to know I haven't hurt you…"

She couldn’t speak as she floated in the waves of pleasure, orange and red and yellow behind her closed eyes.

She merely nodded weakly against his chest.

His arms surrounded her, holding her tightly to him and his penis twitched inside her, rippling and pulsing, sending delightful sensations through her entire body.

She could feel Arnav kissing her temples, her hair, trying to reassure himself that she really was okay.

Khushi forced herself to move her head and she found his mouth, pushing past slack lips to stroke passionately against his tongue with her own.

He took full possession of her mouth, discovering her all over again, as if he were kissing her the first time they had made love.

She explored every bit of him, then came back and did it all again.

Eventually, their kiss ended, but their mouths lingered…

She glanced up at his eyes, and felt herself buffeted about by a sensation so strong, so overwhelming that it nearly subsumed her.

The intensity of the Arnav's feelings for her and his lingering fearful memories of how he almost lost her bordered on madness.

It should have scared her but it didn’t.

It explained so much about him, about who he had become.

A husband.

A carer.

A provider.

A father, so loving that it made her breath catch every time.

All thoughts were stopped as he swooped in again, making love to her mouth, making sure no bit of it went untouched.

He began to harden inside her body, and she ground against him…

It was enough to scrape her clit against the root of his shaft and she pulled back from his mouth, crying out…

Sitting up she rocked against him, focusing on trying for yet another orgasm.

She circled her hips just that tiny fraction that she could and had him crying out her name.

It was so seldom that she had him at her mercy like this and she was going to enjoy every minute of it.

She reached for his hands and brought them up, splaying them wide over her breasts.

“Touch me,” she said and his hands began to knead the soft mounds of flesh, cupping and caressing before rolling her nipples in his hands.

A flash of want raced through her womb and she contracted heavily.

Arnav responded by arching up violently into her.

A sharp wave of pain rippled through her, followed by another contraction of such intense pleasure she thought she might go mad.

Sitting up, he yanked her hard against his chest and arched into her once more…

Again pain was followed by pleasure that had her fighting for breath…

“Over,” Arnav suddenly said with a growl in his voice.

He flipped her onto her hands and knees, pulling pillows into place to prop herself up properly for him.

“Hold onto the head board. You’ll need to brace yourself,”

Khushi's stomach somersaulted as she curled her hands around the wrought iron bars of the headboard and looked back at him.

His eyes were very dark.

She turned back, putting her head down on the pillow.

She felt his hands stroking her bottom, kneading and fondling the soft globes and then she felt him hard and ready at her entrance.

His push inside her was so sudden that she almost forgot to hold on…

But it didn't matter, Arnav pulled her back and away and then he began his thrusts, hard, fast, but contained.

She weakly regripped the bars, holding on for dear life as he pounded into her within an inch of her life.

He felt amazing.

He was staking his claim once again.

Marking her as his in no uncertain terms.

His words began to spill out as he told her over and over again that she belonged to him, that he belonged to her…

Khushi felt herself on the brink again, clamping him hard and milking every last drop from his penis.

She shuddered and shook and finally collapsed on the pillow as Arnav's orgasm slammed into him hard…

His arms covered hers, his hands holding her wrists again.

His chest was tight against her back and his breath was cool on the back of her neck and shoulder.

She felt his teeth bite down, gently, felt his tongue sucking hard as he placed his mark upon her.

When at last he released her, he turned her weary body onto her back, and curled her into him, holding her tightly…

“I love you, Arnavji,” she said, her voice low and breathy, still drenched with desire for him.

“I love you…”

"I love you more…"

His arms wrapped her securely and he gave a shuddering sigh. “Not possible…”



Arnav was woken by his daughter screaming out…

Kissing his sleeping wife, he quickly dressed and crept out of his room…

"Sammy!" he whispered loudly…

"Daddy!!! Where's mummy!!!"
He rolled his eyes, "She's sleeping, where's Aarav? And WHY oh why are you yelling?"

She put her tiny hands on her hips and smirked, "I…WON."

"Oh crap."

Nani came walking up behind Samira…"Yes, she did, but now you have a VERY moody son to deal with."

Arnav crouched down in front of his 6 year old daughter…"Honey, you KNOW what he is like…"

"It's not MY fault. I won fair and square!"

"SHHHHH!" Nani and Arnav said in unison.

And suddenly a baby's crying squall broke out…

Arnav yawned and stretched his arms out behind him…"Alright…Sammy, can you please help Nani find Aarav and get him to come and talk to me, then when Di comes home with your little sister, please help take care of her until mummy wakes up…"

"Chote, are you going to…"

Arnav smiled, "I shall take care of him…"


Khushi began to wake and instantly jumped up out of bed…

"That Laad Governor! How does he think he can handle all our children at once! They basically ALL have is attitude!"

She caught a glimpse of the time and saw how close it was to dinner…

Dressing as fast as she could, she hurried down the stairs…

"Slow down Khushiji!" Anjali said…"Dinner is almost ready…"

Khushi blushed, "I am so sorry, Di…Is Jiji here?"

Nani walked in, "Staying over at your Buaji's house tonight…to help with all the renovations they are making…I love that Payal has taken up Interior Design, but I think she is going to redo everyon-"

"Nani, please forgive me for interrupting, but…" she looked from left to right, "Where…?"

Anjali grinned, "Well…First Samira beat Aarav in a board game, then when I brought Aditi home, oh and she had a great time at 4 year old playgroup, I saw Chote going into the Umed's room to calm him down because he just woke up…"

"Oh God, my poor husband…"

Anjali followed as they began to climb the stairs once more…"Khushiji, you KNOW how great he is with them all…4 kids are a handful, but he loves them so much…"

Khushi smiled, "I know, he is so wonderful…"

"Oh I better get back to help Nani, just bring them all down for dinner in ten minutes…"

"Thank Di…"


Worried for what she was about to see, she slowly peered into the room…

And what she saw made tears come to her eyes…

The most beautiful family she could have ever hoped for…

As her twins hugged and made up, she saw Aarav pick up Aditi and read her a story, while Samira lifted a sleeping Umed of Arnav's lap and place him in the cot…

They all tried to be as quiet as they could, because in the middle of the room, sitting on a beanbag, was their sleeping father.

Khushi crept in, and all her children smiled up at her…

Aditi flailed her arms around and Khushi knelt down to give her a cuddle…

"How are my beautiful babies? I'm so proud of you…"

Aditi pointed over to Arnav, "Daddy sleeping…"

Khushi let Aarav continue to read as she kissed Samira on the forehead, "You're a great help with Umed you know…"

"Thanks mummy, you know, daddy convinced Aarav it was a tie…"

She rolled her eyes, knowing this had something to do with their competitive natures…

Finally coming to Arnav, she gently ran her fingers through his hair, and he moaned softly, resting his cheek on her hand…

"Five more minutes sweetheart…"

Khushi snickered, "Five being the word…"

He smiled, but soon his eyes shot open…

Sitting up with a start, he stared at Khushi as he began to smile…"Are you serious…?"

Leaning forwards, she kissed the tip of his nose, "I sure am…"

He turned and saw children, beautiful, headstrong, and adorable…

On the verge of tears, he slid towards Khushi…"I love you…my God, I love you so much…"

"So…one more won't make you-"

His hand suddenly grabbed her hair, making her focus directly into his eyes, "One more won't make me stop…I love you pregnant…and I love you when you aren't…and that's exactly how you keep getting pregnant!"

"We can manage another can't we…?"

"Are you kidding!? I love these crazy little things!"

Khushi laughed heartily, "I love you, I knew I gave my heart to the right man…"

"You bet, and I won't ever let it go…You are deep inside my heart, and I will never let you breakout…"

 "What makes you think I want to..."

The End


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