Friday, September 25, 2015

SS : The Moment is Coming Part 7

Her eyes burned as she glared into his eyes…"I tried to end my life over that pain! I hate that! I HATE that I did that!"

He took a menacing lunge towards her and pulled her into his arms…

She fought.

He held on.

Arnav didn't say a word.

"Let me go! I mean it!"

His silence was unnerving her.

"Arnavji! Let me go! Do you fucking understand me!?!"

He flinched at her language again.

No Khushi.

And she struggled until her strength was gone.

Finding it difficult to draw in breath, Khushi keened, "please Arnavji…I can't take this…"

He stayed quiet.

She shook her head, her hands feebly trying to push him away, "I can't…I can't be back here…"

He pulled her closer, pressing their hearts together.

"Let me…me go…please Arnavji…"

Remaining silent, he held her fast and firm.

Khushi could no longer hold on.

Strength gone.

Emotions stripped.

She had no clue what to say anymore.

Her breathing was choppy and her pulse still bursting.

Finally making a move, Arnav slid his hand up to the back of her head, pulled her hair, arching her neck and he dove in.

His mouth crashed to hers.

Khushi barely had time to breathe.

With no more strength left to do anything, Khushi slumped in his arms, almost welcoming his kiss.

It swept her up.

It rattled her.

It shook her.

She was transported back to the morning.

Memories of his thick flesh sliding in and out of her body.

His mouth on her breasts.

His tongue pushing past her lips.

And as she remembered, his tongue reenacted her thoughts.

Arnav heard her whimper as he tasted her.

Please stop hurting sweetheart…

Spinning her around, he plastered their bodies together and walked towards the bed.

As they fell to the matress, her fingers clutched lightly at his shirt…

"I'm not letting you leave me. I can't. You're the love of my life Khushi…"

And she began to cry.


Fuck this!

He grabbed her wrists and pulled them above her head.

Cuffing them both in one fist, he pulled hard and fast at her clothing.

"…no…NO…" she said breathily…

"YES!" Arnav roared as he bared her sex…

"NO! Not here! No!"

She was in a panic.

"YES Khushi! Here! This is OUR house. OUR bed. I am YOUR husband. You are MY wife! I am not having the past keep such a hold on us anymore!"

She tried to struggle, but any move was futile.

He lifted his hips momentarily, unzipped, and pulled out his swollen penis.

He was keeping her legs parted with the power of his own, and as he stared long and hard into her eyes, he pressed the head at her opening.

She shook her head, "I can't be back here…please, please…ple…pleas…oh…ohhhh…"

As she spoke, he slid deeper, and deeper.

Her fists were clenched as she tried to move them, but he held on.

"You're not escaping me. I won your heart with force before, and I'll DAMN well do it again!"

Khushi's head turned and she saw the bathroom…

Arnav could see the memories seeping back…

"HEY!!!" he snarled…

Her head darted back and he quickly recaptured her gaze…

"You will look at ME!"

Anger, denial, fear and powerful arousal were brimming inside her…"I…"

"NO talking! You will FEEL everything I'm doing to you…If you need to make a noise, 
you will scream! That is all!"

She was about to speak when he sped up the pace and hammered against her gspot relentlessly…

And scream she did.

Her howl was deathly loud as the pressure began to build to such height that she couldn't take a breath.

He stopped.

And she breathed out long and hard.

He thrust back inside her.

And she sucked in a huge breath of air.

"I'm not letting you up off this bed until you've cum so many times that you can't move…do YOU fucking understand me!?"

Already having trouble focusing, Khushi now realized that every one of her senses had been overtaken by her husband.

The power she already knew he had, had doubled to a frightening fire that couldn't be stopped.


He froze once again.

She knew that she had spoken, but the word had spilled from her lips without her even being aware.

Pushing as deep inside her as he could go, he stilled.

Arnav leaned down, his mouth coming dangerously closer to hers…

"You have NOTHING to be scared of when I'm with you. And I'm WITH you Khushi. I'm your HUSBAND. And that title is the most important damn thing to me. I would renounce everything right now, just to prove that I am yours. Wholly and completely…" he pressed his lips to hers, chaste and softly, "scared sweetheart? I am never going to let anything hurt you again…"

No longer pulling out, he began to grind his hips against her, letting the thick length of his phallus press continuously against her sensitive tissues…

Her body began to shake.

Her eyelids began to droop.

A flush of color began to spread over her body.

Breathing against her lips, he spoke, "Any second, your body is going to climax…And it's ME who is honoured to give you that…I have brought you to that incredible feeling…and I want nothing more than to see that freedom and beauty on your face…"

His words pushed her over the edge…

Before she could take another breath, her body tensed, her blood hummed and she 
came in an explosion.

All her senses were held down by the man above her.

Her hands.

Her hips.

Her body.

Her mouth.

Her heart.

And as she panted, and shook, Arnav stared with admiration.

Your fight is still inside you. You may think I'm holding you here. But your heart is responding to me, my wife.

Khushi had no idea how much time passed before she returned to earth.


"…quiet." Arnav warned again.

"But, the family are…AAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

Releasing her wrists, he fisted the material of her choli and yanked it apart.

Instantly grabbing her breasts, he held her chest firm in his grip and glared at her…

Just as she opened her mouth to speak, he began to rasp his thumbs over her nipples…

And she began to pant and twitch…

"I said…you're going to cum, until you can't move…"

Alarm flickered in her eyes once again and he rested his thumbs on her nipples, letting them press in and out, massaging around and around…

"you have NOTHING to fear…"

Arnav was still rock hard inside her vagina.

Taking a shaky breath in, Arnav saw her eyes begin to glaze over again.

The heat in her core tripled.

He could feel her liquid begin to coat him once again…

"Oh God yes…"

And he slowly withdrew, and began to penetrate her once again…

Her lips parted to speak again, and Arnav shot her a warning glance…"Don't…No words…You can moan…you can scream…that is ALL I want to hear from you right now…"

Taking a deep breath, she let it out, even though it was shaky.

He sank his hard flesh into her, over and over and over.

Knowing where she needed it.

"Look at me…"

Her eyes locked onto his…


Her pupils dialated.

He slammed into her harder…

"I said…cum."


Sitting up slightly, he pulled her hips, slid one arm behind her lower back, arching it, and the other hand covered her belly, pushing down firmly…

"I said CUM Khushi!"

She screamed.

A frighteningly strong orgasm rocketed up from deep within her.

Her body tried to straighten her back, but Arnav pulled harder.

Sending her into a spasm of multiple orgasms…

When she could no longer draw a breath, he released her back and dropped his body back onto hers…

His hands smoothed over her hair and face as she whimpered and tremored, 

"Shhhhhh…just breathe…"

Her face was flushed and intoxicatingly beautiful…

"Damn…you're divine…"

His words came out in a growl, his own self control beginning to slip.

Just as her eyes started to focus, he began to impale her once more…


He pressed his open mouth to hers, cutting off her words…"No words…"

Endlessly moaning, Khushi's senses relinquished all hold they had over her, and she spiralled out of control.

Arnav was becoming undone seeing her let go…

As she was panting and sobbing, her arms suddenly reached out and wound around his neck…

Struck with furious passion, Arnav roared…"God YES!!!!!"

He reached down and pulled her legs up around his waist as he pounded in and out.

Khushi pulled him closer and his eyes clouded up as he pressed a soft kiss to her lips, that was out of character to the brutal show of desperation his lower body was performing.

"I love you…my God, I love you."

On a hitched breath, Khushi whispered, "I…I love you…"

Releasing her legs, he stay over her and slid and arm beneath her once more, tearing a scream from her throat.

And in seconds, a frightening series of multiple orgasms came crashing down on her.

Khushi shook.

Her body was no longer in her control.

Pulling her pelvis closer, Arnav remained inside her as her core began to squirt 
heated liquid from inside her.

Arnav moved slightly and felt her begin to clamp down hard on his phallus again…

"Yes…more Khushi!"

Shrieking in a breath, her body tightened once again and fluid shot out and around their joined sexes.

Arnav slid his other arm under her neck and pulled her to sit up…

Now straddling him, her quaking, sagging body now slumped against his as he began to pound once again.

Groaning out a loud moan, Khushi's sex clenched ferociously tight.

The gush of her female ejaculate was too much for him, he threw his body onto hers as he pressed her back firmly onto the mattress and he yelled as his testes contorted and send firey darts of semen through his penis and into her pulsing body.

"Oh my God…Oh my God…" he repeated over and over…

Khushi's body wouldn't stop shaking.

The strength of her orgasms had rendered her inable to move.

Gathering her closer, Arnav pressed his lips to her sweaty cheeks, "I am here…I'm not leaving you…and I'm NOT letting you leave me…never…"

She wanted to speak, but nothing came out.

She wanted to look away, but her foggy gaze was glued to her husband.

"that's right…" he nodded, "look at me...I said you wouldn't move…and I said that I wouldn't let you down. I'm here…"

Khushi's fuzzy mind was ablaze with thoughts.

The feel of pulling her husband close.

The feel of him forcing crippling pleasure from her.

The feel of him against her.

The feel of his mouth against hers.

I can't lose this…I can't…I've never felt so alive…alive………….alive.


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