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Eternal Love (Sequel to ~ My Life For Your Love)

Short Preview for my new story-

Eternal Love
Sequel to the Fairytale
My Life For Your Love

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The last few days had tired the Princess out.
The relaxing trip promised by the King’s brother, the duke and duchess from the northern kingdom, had surprisingly turned into an exhausting and tense few days.
The locals from the new town were thrilled to welcome the royals and had insisted on throwing them a feast on their last day as a show of gratitude.
Arnav had been against it at first, but had finally yielded under his Aunt and Uncle’s enthusiasm.
Then there was his mother, who was desperate for a chance to celebrate with her sister in law…
And Khushi…
His wife was a gem who held love and generosity towards everyone…
But she had simply been excited to spend an enjoyable evening in good company…and be in the passionate arms of her husband…
The Kingdom they were now in was full of kind and welcoming people.
They had travelled to the surrounding towns to visit and taste many foods, attend festivals, and take in the scenery…
Arnav knew his parents needed a break, and he also knew Khushi had been looking forward to this getaway.
He had made promises of romance, happiness and relaxation…
But those promises to her were shattered when the weight of constant danger shredded all hope of remaining calm…
And it happened on day one of their holiday…

Day 1.

Arnav began to hyperventillate…“What?! What do you mean he isn’t in his cell?!”

The sentry had ridden for a day, without fail, to deliver the disturbing news…

“The prisoner Nate Patel, still legally a baron as his brother has taken over his castle, is nowhere to be found…I was made aware of the situation that once happened upon Her Highness the Princess and I knew you needed to be told immediately.”

Arnav was close to exploding…
His anger almost a living thing taking over the air in the room…
The King placed a hand on his son’s shoulder and nodded to the guard, “What dedication to the Prince and Princess…You will be greatly rewarded. Please inform our chief of security to alert extra guards for Princess Khushi…”

The sentry saluted and rushed out.

“Son?” The king walked closer…

“Not even one fucking day into this holiday and…and THIS!?”

The king covered his ears, “Arnav! I don’t want to go deaf before my time! Listen! She is well protected here! Plus we have the added advantage of being in a different kingdom. If, and I mean IF he were after Khushi, he would still be on his way…”

Arnav’s neck stiffened…”Alright…” he turned slowly…”That’s a good point…but Father, I’ll do whatever I have to to keep her safe…”

The King smirked, “I am well aware of this…” he began to chuckle…”My son the martyr who was ready to die for a woman…I never thought I’d see the day! Good thing I drilled the fear of that law into you…”

Arnav’s angry shield cracked and he finally grinned…”Yeah I still am quite  aghast as to how well you fooled me…and how well my wife broke me…”

“Ugh…women…” the king leaned against the brick wall…”I swear, if it was anything like what happened to me, then I do completely understand. Because I was thriving mad at losing my damn control…”

Giving a light laugh, Arnav said, “oohhh yeah…”

A hard knock on the door interrupted again…


The guard reentered, “Sire, Extra security has been initiated, and all defence protocol systems are in place.”

Arnav nodded, “Good. Make sure you are ALL constantly alert, and if ANYTHING is discovered, I want to know. My wife’s safety is literally ALL you all need to remember…”

“Yes Sir.”

And the Sentry left.

Arnav punched the wall…”Fucking shit…”

“Whoa! Arnav!” the King tried to get his attention…”All is in place! She will be fine son!”

Swinging around, Arnav felt tears sting even as his fury rose higher, “It’s only been 18 months! She’s only JUST starting to relax after an entire childhood and and life of being a poor degraded servant…Why now!?”
Arnav’s temper had now crossed a line, as his voice turned cold. “I am taking control of this.”
The King crossed his arms, “Ok…I know you. Don’t start to let your anger get the better of you. We don’t know for sure yet if this man is after Khushi, and if and when we do, she is PROTECTED. So CALM YOURSELF DOWN.”

Taking a deep breath, Arnav merely nodded, but his jaw was ticking…”I’ll be calm…But what I said stands…I am taking control…I need to be alert. We are here for two more days…and this is now MY fight.”

The King even felt wary of Arnav’s tone…”Son, she will be alrigh-“

“FUCKING RIGHT SHE WILL.” he boomed out, “I am now going to my post…”

Rolling his eyes, he knew his son was now set on his decision…”Son, I respect and even admire the lengths you’re going to, but at least tell Khushi the reason for your change in attitude…Trust me, ” he took a deep sigh…”women will notice…”

He grumbled, “She can notice all she wants…I need her safe…and two days of her attitude is a small price to pay for her protection.”


“Just give him some breathing room…” the Queen said reassuringly, “I have no idea why my husband and your husband have been brooding angry dictators these past few days…”
Khushi held her mother in law’s hand…”I am sorry…I truly don’t even know what I have done to upset him so…”
Taking Khushi’s arm, she pulled her to sit in front of the mirror, “Don’t say that. YOU have nothing to apologise for. I don’t know what they are planning, but I do know this, that you are not to blame…now…” the Queen smiled, “Tonight last night here, and we are going to get swept away in the excitement of the preparations.”
Khushi’s lips finally morphed into a beaming grin, “I would love that…”
“Good! Because you’re going to love what the Duchess has planned!”
And Khushi certainly indulged in all of the girly afternoon festivities…
The decadent relaxing bath before perusing the wardrobe put at her disposal, running her fingers overs the silky material of the clothes worn by the royal women.
She finally settled on a beautiful green dress that moulded to her curves perfectly and tied at her neck, leaving her shoulders and most of her back bare.
“Oh Arnav won’t like this…” she smiled deviously…
After two days of being ignored, she was going to get his attention the only way she knew how…
With ‘barely there’ makeup carefully applied and her hair loosely waving, she had felt ready for a fantastic final night.
She smiled, “Ok my prince, this evening will be magical, and will fix everything…”
Little did she know, the night was about to blow sky high…

Authors Note –
Things literally explode from here…so please do comment! I’m loving hearing from all my old and new friends!


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