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SS : Heartbeats Part 22

"well did he find her!?" Buaji said louder...

Payal and Anjali exchanged glanced nervously..."Look, we...we just know that..."

Anjali quickly interrupted, "We can't say. Arnav needs time..."

Nodding in agreement, Payal continued, "Just please try and..."
Grabbing Payal by the ear, Buaji glared..."I have lost Khushi. I just suffered thinking you had run away, so you will tell me what you know!"

Garima slapped Buaji's hand away, "Let go of her! She's obviously trying to respect Arnav's privacy...If he has found someone else, then..."

"He has NOT found someone else." Anjali said loudly.

A hush filled the room.

"He found Khushi didn't he." Nani asked firmly

They went quiet.

Buaji crossed her arms, "well...if you won't talk..." and she stomped towards their luggage...


feeling completely defiant, Buaji grabbed the luggage tag....

"I see. Well, you were at the same location as his new business...meaning he is still there...meaning he is hiding something!"

Anjali and Payal could see they were losing control of the situation.

"Look, Buaji, if we tell you can you PLEASE respect his privacy? You KNOW how delicate his emotions have been, and you KNOW how much he has suffered without Khushi..."

Buaji and Garima were now nervous and on edge..."I shall promise." 

And they both sat down on the couch before Payal and Anjali...

"Without going into to TOO much detail, as we already pushed too far in our own nosiness, Arnav has found Khushiji...and their story is now quite intense as there involved between them than we thought..."

Garima didn't have a change to speak, she burst into tears...

"Oh stop it!" Buaji shreiked in happiness..."Stop crying you stupid woman! She has been found!!"

Garima tried to regain some stamina, "Is she okay?"

Payal smiled sadly, "She is, but we didn't see her...she ran away with such pain that she hid herself away...and then had to endure 9 months of..."

"Quiet!" Anjali snapped...

"Oh crap..." Payal grunted...

"NINE MONTHS!? Garima and Buaji yelled in unison...

Nani jumped up, "She has had a baby!?"

"She had a BABY and didn't even bother to tell us!?" Buaji was now turning red with rage...

Garima was now beaming..."a baby? probably not a baby anymore...Oh Payal, was it a boy? a girl? did you meet the little one?"

"You aren't angry? that headstrong girl left and ..."
"Stop! She has  had a child! A blessing from heaven! And Arnav must be over the moon! Payal, Pleasee tell me you have seen their child!"

The ladies grinned..."Well...we may not have seen Khushiji, but we definitely met their daughter..."

And the screaming started all over again...


The family outing ended way too quickly for Arnav's liking, but that feeling only became instantly replaced with ... I get to do this forever...

"I can't believe that we have this family...forever..." he smiled over at her as he drove them home...

Khushi turned to him..."Yes, we do..." 

And they both glanced at their daughter sleeping in the backseat...

"You've worn her out...all that playing, the frisbee, the chasing..."

Arnav grinned, "Shes such an active little bug isn't she..."

"She's always been full of energy."

They pulled up into the driveway, Veena's cooking already wafting thru their open car windows...

"I'll carry her in..."

Khushi smiled softly..."I've missed having you around Arnavji..."

"Wait there, I'll get your door..."

she sat in anticipation as he rounded the car and opened her door, leaning down close unbuckling her seatbelt...

As he looked at her, their lips were perilously close...

"Damn..." he growled...


"I want you..."

" have me..." Khushi whispered...

Letting his mouth press gently against hers, he gave her the softest of kisses...

"Lets get this little girl into bed...and then maybe we can eat some of Veena's cooking..."

Khushi watched with her heart swelling full of love as he lifted their sleeping daughter in his arms...

"She is so cute...look at this little face Khushi!"

"SHHHH!" she whispered loudly...

"Oh...oops" he grinned as they walked into the house...


"Well I'm going over there RIGHT NOW!"

"NO!" Payal yelled...

"No Buaji you can't...she's flightly from what I hear..."

"I don't care! I'm going to see her! I shall bring her back."

"Buaji you can't!" Anjali began to panic...

"Do you REALLY want to see Arnav suffer again? You want Khushi to run? You want to scare her?"

Buaji slumped on the couch..."I have missed her too remember..."

Garima held her hand..."We all have...give them some time...they will come home, as a family..."

"Well...I shall call then..."

"Buaji! You promised! You'd respect their privacy!"

Pulling out her phone, she began to dial Arnav's number...

Garima tried to take the phone, but her hand was batted away...

Then all hell broke loose...

Everyone reached for the phone, screamed, clamoured...

"I'm not letting go! I'm makinng this call!"

"Akash!" Payal screamed..."Help us!"

He lifted his hand in retreat..."I'm not getting involved with all you women!"

"I will get that away from you!" Anjali screamed...

"Buaji stop!" Payal yelled

"I will tell this stupid girl how badly she hurt US by disappearing!"

"Please!" Garima cried, "Let it go! End the call!"

"I will bring this girl back here! I have Arnavji on my side! He will side with me! He has told me!"

Finally reaching the phone, Anjali threw it accrosss the room.

"What are you talking about!?"

Buaji began to cry, "I know how badly he has missed her...he has told me so often...and we all need to be healed from this pain..."

Payal knelt down, "Buaji...think of Khushi...think of all that drove her to this...she has had a very difficult life...from her birth parents, to the forced wedding, to us all hating on her, to Arnav nearly not showing up to marry her...think of her...PLEASE, i'm begging..."

Unbeknownst to them all, the phone had gone to voicemail and was recording everything.


Khushi and Arnav stood in the doorway as their baby girl lay sleeping...

"Khushi, i love her...God, i love her so much..."

"You're just saying that because she looks like you..."

She elbowed him and started to walk away...

Reaching out, he caught her by the arm and pulled her back against his chest, winding his arm around her..."Khushi...She looks like together...and right now...I think we should eat...because i need energy for what i'm planning on doing to you..."

Her body shiverred..."But we already..."

"That was last night..." he growled..."that's....too....long..."

She smiled and quickly pushed herself away..."Then I suggest we eat..."

"Are you two quite done?" Raj said smirking...

"uh...are you...Raj...I..."

"Oh shush, weirdo..." Raj smiled...

"Hey!" she smacked his arm...

"How was your evening?" Arnav said as Khushi disappeared into the Kitchen...

"Well, your family have gone back home...but they know. They know Khushi and yourself have a child...and Mum and I are a bit concerned..."

Arnav stiffened..."Nothing will upset Khushi's world...I mean that..."

"Look, all i'm saying is, you guys should decide when to talk to them, before they force their way in...I don't blame them, i  know theyve missed her...but Khushi is the most flighty person I've ever met, and she won't risk Libby getting hurt, and she sure as hell won't risk losing any more of herself..."

Arnav nodded..."We will talk...we will eat and then head out for a coffee...I can sense there might be yelling and i don't want to wake libby..."

"Good Lord, don't wake her...she's the grumpiest little..."

"As am I..." 

Raj's eyes widened..."I'm leaving both scare me..."

And Arnav laughed...


"And why are you taking me out for coffee???" Khushi inquired feeling nervous...

"Well, I just want to CAREFULLY talk to you..."

"Ok this is scaring me..."

Arnav pulled up at his place and quickly shut off the engine...

Covering his hand over hers, he tugged her closer, "Khushi, don't you dare feel scared around me...I won't let ANYTHING disturb our time..."

Her heart raced, but she simply nodded...

"So..." they walked into his apartment..."OUT meant, your place?"

He smiled, making her stomach flip, "You love my coffee..."

And he disappeared into the kitchen...

As the sound of the kettle filled the small room, she noticed that his phone was buzzing on the table...

Khushi felt her chest tighten, "Buaji?"

Knowing that Payal and Anjali would have spread the news, she tried to calm herself...

"They won't do anything...Arnavji promised..."

The call stopped, but soon, a message popped up on the screen...

1 Unheard Voicemail

"" her inquisitiveness was rising stong.

Picking up his phone, she tapped the message...

"Just...just one click and I could hear her voice..."

and she pressed voicemail...

"I will tell this stupid girl how badly she hurt US by disappearing!"

"Please!" Garima cried, "Let it go! End the call!"

"I will bring this girl back here! I have Arnavji on my side! He will side with me! He has told me!"

Khushi's face turned white.

He told her?

"Is he going to force me to return?" her heart began to hurt..."I can't fight him...I don't have the money...and Libby now loves him so much..."

As tears spilt over her cheeks, she realized that he'd won.

No matter what happened now, he won, again.

And the kettle stopped.

Coming into the room, Arnav sat down next to her and moved his arm over her shoulder...

Instantlly she stood up.

His expression was confused..."Khushi?"

"You win."

Anxiety crept in, "What? Win what?"

"I get that you wanted to find me. I get that you wanted me back..."

He stood up fast..."What has happened since i went into the kitchen? what are you talking about!?"

Lifting his phone up, she spoke fast, "I 'invaded' your privacy. I listened to your voicemail."

Replaying the message, Arnav listened feeling lost...

"I haven't "planned" anything with Buaji! if ANYTHING, I've only ever said how desperate i am to find you."

"I. GIVE. UP!"

She stood tall, arms crossed on her chest, absolutely seething at him. 

Arnav wanted to talk. 

He wanted to say SO much.

But this time, he was going to stay quiet.

He already knew he deserved her anger. 

She had every right to distrust him.

It was only early days.

Khushi merely stared at him. 

Her thoughts were in a spiral..."He won't say ANYTHING more!? He may make my body surrender, but I will win this one!"

She looked nearly feral. 

Her eyes were wide and dark with her venom, and he had no idea how to... defuse the situation. 

He wasn’t entirely sure what the situation was, and how it happened...again...

He took a deep breath and tried to sound completely neutral. 

“Khushi, have at it. Say what you want. Let it all out.” 

“what?! You...I...I hate you,” she spat at him.

His heart felt like it shattered, but he remembered hearing of her tears when he turned up late to marry her...

"Say more..." his voice was shaking as he crossed his arms in a mirror of her stance.

She took a few short steps towards him and his pulse quickened. 

“You're a–a complete bastard and–” 

“Yes! I AM! But NOT for this Khushi!”

“I’m talking!!!” she yelled. “Do you have any idea what I went through? I nearly died having Libby! I have been looking over my shoulder in fear you would find out and take her! I have..." her voice cracked..."loved you for so long and you are now plotting behind me AGAIN!? “ She was advancing on him with every word. 


“Do you care? You left me like a pile of rubbish. Like I was yesterday’s news. Like one FUCK was all it took and you didn’t need me anymore.” 

She was rambling and working herself into quite a frenzy, and by the time she stood directly in front of him, he wasn’t sure she knew what she was saying anymore. 

Arnav looked at her trauma...

She wasn't angry about what just happened...

This is the pain from the past.

His eyes were stinging with tears...

"You have every right to feel this way...but Khushi, I'm not leaving you...I searched for you for YEARS, and I'm not letting you go...I don't know WHAT Buaji is going on about, but I swear that it's NOT what you think..."

He instinctively reached out to comfort her. 

She swatted his hands away. 

And then she further shocked him by slapping him hard across the face, knocking him back onto the couch...

He blinked at her and let his hands drop to his sides...

“Do it again Khushi...hit me...” 

Her body was fighting rage, passion and pain...


Arnav growled..."Hit me. Or tell me what I can do to help you..."

Pullling at her dress, she let it drop to the floor.

She stunned him again when she climbed into his lap, straddling his legs. 

She grabbed the back of the couch behind his shoulders and leaned in to whisper hotly in his ear, “Make. Me. Come.” 

He drew in a sharp breath of surprise, inhaling the intoxicating scents of arousal and anger on her skin. 

His hands went to her backside to steady her on him and she didn’t bat him away this time. 

Instead she ground down against his lap, making it very hard indeed to form a response.

Finally his brain kicked in and he managed to be the voice of reason. “Khushi, that's not...” 

“Coward?” she whispered hotly against him, biting him none too gently on the neck before punishing him with a fierce rock of her core against him. 

Her wetness was seeping through onto his jeans... 

“Seems that Part of you already wants to...” 

“You’re writhing on me!” he growled..."And you know fucking well that I want to make you come more than anything...but Khushi..."

He groaned as she ripped open his shirt and scratched her nails down his chest. 

"What's wrong Mr Raizada? you only want me on YOUR terms!?"

She kissed him then, a bruising force, nothing tender about it. 

He tried to keep his lips clamped shut, knew he should turn his head away from hers but he managed neither. 

Her tongue drove into his mouth and he groaned again at the taste of her...

“You see,” she said with a sneer. “You want me.” 

She rocked her body hard to the left, toppling them, on purpose, to the carpeted floor. 

He landed on his back and she quickly climbed over him again. 

His hands now gripped her waist..."OFCOURSE I bloody want you!"

“That's just it! You want me, you need me, but then you fucking leave. I hate you,” she hissed again. 

He cried out with pain as her words cut into him...

Did she really believe that? 

He gripped her hard and managed to still her movements. 

Tried to appeal to her reason while he had any of his own left. 

“Khushi,” he pleaded softly, “How will this help anything? I want to LOVE you...I want to make this family happen...I won't stop reassuring you...”

He could see her eyes were moist too. 

For a second he thought she was going to give up, sit back, calm down and have a reasonable discussion with him. 

But the moment passed. “JUST WORDS!” she gritted out, moving against him again.

He gasped as she attacked the fastenings of his trousers, pulling his cock from its confines. 

“Khushi ENOUGH! I am not having hate sex with you,” he said spitting out the term...“I LOVE you.” 

Completely ignoring his last sentence, she sank down upon him, taking him deep inside her warmth. “God,” she breathed, immediately beginning to move...

“Khushi...I love you...HEAR me...” he muttered, unable to keep his hips from thrusting up, to stop from moving with her.

He closed his eyes, tried to imagine that they were making love, that this was the culmination of their hard-fought reunion, and not this pain that kept resurfacing... 

She rose and fell, tight and slick on his cock, and his body was giving in to her angry need...

She was keening above him, the desperate noises she was making as she drove herself to completion...

But the illusion was shattered when her noises morphed into words. “You don’t love me,” she panted.... “Can’t love me. How could you?” 

This act was only strengthening his love for her.

Only dialing up his need to win her heart fully.

Completely surrendering to her, he let her use him, use his body...

I'm hers...take all of me Khushi...

Using his hips, he flexed his hips on each thrust, and her hands fisted his shirt as she came hard, her body clamping down onto his flesh...

She was silent as she climaxed...

Her heart was doing the screaming.

And through her aftershocks, she continued moving on him until she felt his phallus harden and shoot inside her...

Their eyes locked and her broken eyes stared into his...

Her lips began to tremble...

The greif she could see on his face was slamming down into her reality...

"...Oh..." she could hardly speak..."Oh my god..."

She collapsed against his chest and he instantly wrapped his arms around her.

Khushi clung to him, more than a little desperately, and soon her pants of exertion became sobs. 

He held her as she cried, as he softened within her. 

His eyes were now pouring out tears as he held her tight...

“I’m sorry..."

"No Khushi..."

her hands pulled at him tigher..."I'm sorry..."

"NO, Khushi..."

His brain knew how to be logical, but never when it came to Khushi. 

She began to mumble nonsensically, and he gripped her hair, pulled her head back and slammed his mouth onto hers...

She responded immediately, opening up her mouth for complete access...

They gave in and kissed freely, each of them gasping in between, not just out of a need for oxygen, but out of arousal. 

Khushi still straddled his hips and moved against him slowly, building up a delirious friction...

"Arnavji I'"

"MY TURN NOW..." he growled as he felt his penis grow full and aching inside her...

He grabbed her waist holding her down on his body, deep.

"I love you, my wife..." he whispered heatedly. 

Khushi responded with a moan against his lips...

Still kissing her, he reached down and caressed her bottom, running his hand along the crease where it met her thigh, and inward. 

"Oh..." Khushi gasped. 

Using his considerable strength, Arnav rolled her onto her back and used his body to restrain her...

"Lets try again..." he whispered tenderly. 

He was overcome with so many emotions that he didn't know where to begin.

She nodded frantically.

"You're safe with me," he said quietly. "You're always safe with me."

"I know." Her eyes fluttered shut as he withdrew in one long stroke and slowly sunk back inside her...

He reached with his free hand to cup one of her breasts, then gently tweaked her nipple...

Another thrust...slow withdraw...thrust HARD...

"Please...please tell me you aren't..."

"I'm NOT, in any way, trying to rush you, pressure you, or take Libby from you! You have my word as your husband, as Arnav Singh Raizada, and..." he began to penetrate her against her most sensitive spot over and over..."AND NOW COME!"

Crying out, she shook hard, her body contracted hard, her lungs sucked in air hard, and she screamed...HARD.

Arnav slow his thrusts, but continued to work her through the orgasm that was consuming her...

Finally, she stilled, catching her breath. 

She opened her eyes and weakly grabbed the front of his shirt, trying to pull herself closer...

His arms went around her, rubbing her back gently as his mouth kissed her lovingly. 

When their lips parted, his eyes drank her in..."You're so beautiful..."

"You're gorgeous," Khushi murmured, sliding a hand up over his lightly muscled chest. 

He leaned down to capture one of her pale pink nipples in his mouth. 

He sucked it delicately, teased it with his teeth as he began to thrust again...

She hissed slightly as she was overly sensitive...

"easy sweetheart..."

Khushi writhed under him and clutched his arms as he worked her into a frenzy yet again, caressing her other breast as he flicked his tongue over her nipple. 

"Please," she begged. "Please...."

He slid up over her chest and cupped her face, stroking her cheeks with his thumbs, then leaned down and breathed in her ear, "anything for you..." 

Reaching down, he gripped her leg and hooked it over his arm, making him slide deeper...

Khushi made a needy sound and clutched at his back. "Yes...."

Out, then in again, harder. 


She cried out again. 

Arnav bit his bottom lip and let go of all his long-reinforced control. 

"I'm yours Khushi...I need you to know that I want you and Libby, but I. AM. YOURS." 

the earlier act had been about survival, but now, this was about want, and need.

"Yes," she moaned, rocking her hips up to meet him.

She gasped, breathed open-mouthed against his lips as their eyes met, only inches apart. 

"Arnavji...." she moaned. 

"That's it, Sweetheart," he said, his voice low and encouraging. "You're going to come again for me, aren't you?"

"Yes," she moaned, her head falling back, her dark hair tumbling. "Please Arnavji...."

"No more waiting...for either of us..." he said softly. "we have NOW...and whenever you feel pain, come to me...i will remind you of us...always..."

At his words, she cried out his name and came again, so hard she saw spots dancing before her eyes.

Arnav grit his teeth and worked himself in and out of her a few more times, feeling everything tighten. 

He let go, finally, crying out as he filled her deeply.

She pulled his head against her chest and stroked his hair. 

They stayed like that, catching their breath.

She was the one to break the silence. "I don't hate you...I never have...I'm so sorry...I love you...I love you...I lo--"

His mouth pressed into hers in a clinging kiss..."I love you..." he murmured against her lips... "You've no idea how much, how strongly..."

"I'm sorry...I was afraid. I already lost you once, irrevocably, I thought."

He stroked the side of her face, her hair, his expression forlorn. "and i have seen what it is like without rather have my heart cut out...I couldn't stop myself from loving you desperately, and I nearly died when you left."

She pulled him closer..."Well, I don't ever want to go anywhere again. I want to stay right here. Just like this."

He felt a knot form in his throat, felt a dangerous pricking of tears in the corners of his eyes. 

Holding her tight, he turned with her so they were on their sides with him wrapped tightly around her as if he could keep her safe from all the forces in the universe. 

He breathed in her scent, memorizing the moment out of habit so that he could always keep it. 

Whenever she talked about staying with him he was instantly reminded of how quickly things could dissolve. 

It was a horrible parallel for his mind to make, but after so many years he was helpless to it.

" are here together...and I love you," she murmured sweetly, unaware of his thoughts, but seeming to answer them.

"I love you," he whispered forcefully.

Her eyes watered.

She nodded, a tear trembling down from the corner of her eye. He kissed it. 

"I'm so sorry." He rocked her in his arms. 

"It's okay," she choked. "That's why it hurt so bad that we were separated."

"I want you to react when you need to...I WANT you to overcome this WITH ME, not apart..."

" still want me after what I just did...?"

"So desperately," he said, pulling her down on top of him with a smile.
They  kissed deeply until the need for air became extreme...


Her eyes peered up...

"You think we should have a coffee now?"


"Are they arguing?" 


"Were they happy?"


"Did they say what time they'd be back?"


"Can I use the phone to call them?"

Raj closed his book and laughed, "You have asked 1 million questions Libbi! They will be home any time now!"

"So I can't use the phone to call them?"

"I need a miracle!" Raj yelled, and almost on cue, the front door opened...

"Mummy! Daddy!" 

"Sweetie, why are you up?"

Arnav saw his daughter hugging his wife and he felt sublime happiness...

"ohhhh Look at my beautiful girls..." he said proudly...

Libbi looked up at her dad, "I couldn't sleep, there's no one to kick..."

Arnav smiled at Khushi, "Oh really? I think my 'kicky' girls need to get some sleep," He began to usher them down the hallway..."Night Raj!"

"Thankyou!" he called out smiling.


  1. Awesome love family reactions was expected Asr has a lot to make up for and not and sexy always .

  2. Welcome back dear. Im happy to read this story after a long time. Please keep writing.
    Everytime arnav assures her that he's there for her and loves her somebody from his or her family comes in between them and spoils their moment. Why can't they give them some space and let them decide what they want. khushi is hurt and frightened that she will lose arnav but why can't she believe him and come back to the family. for how long she's going run from them. Atleast she shoud change her decision for libbi sake and go back with arnav to see their family.
    Please update Memories (The development) series and the forceful encounter.
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