Monday, March 19, 2012

FF : I Feel Everything Part 7 - Upstairs

As Arnav carried Khushi upstairs, her mind was a mixture of jumbled thoughts..."so controlling! Laard govenor...that was...still! He basically tortured me...and that was...was..." her smile said it all...

Her eyes perused Arnav's face...

The second they were alone in their room, his spun her saree off her...

Arnav backed her up to the bed and smiled when she staggered back falling down...

Arnav's body loomed over her...the look on his face inflected one emotion...


He claimed her mouth...

His hunger for her exploding like a fireball in a long, searching kiss.

He wanted to absorb her into his flesh, to lodge her permanently in his heart.

He needed to feel her body writhing in passion beneath his own.

And he craved that small death and then a glorious rebirth in her arms.

He had become a man desperate for tenderness, compassion and love. From the beginning he knew in his heart he had to have that with Khushi...

He couldn’t mask his desperation any longer.

Khushi gasped beneath his mouth...

She allowed him to delve past the barrier of her teeth and welcomed him into the sweet, hot depths and textures of her mouth.

Circling his shoulders with her arms, she murmured indecipherable words as she angled her head to encourage even more intimate access.

Parting her lips, she moaned into his mouth as he deepened their kiss.

He gave her his taste, and she savored it.

He drenched her senses in his passionate intent until she felt overcome by endless waves of emotion that threatened to submerge her.

Pleasure simmered in her veins.

Her heart pounded so hard, she experienced a moment of fear.

She clutched at his shoulders...

Arnav felt her gripping him and he softened the kiss...looking up at her he saw her fear...

"Khushi...Never again..." he kissed her softly..."the past is gone...I love you sweetheart..."

A shy smile played at her lips..."I love you Arnavji..."

His yearning for her took over...he lowered his mouth to hers, pressing harder...his hand slid up her waist to her breast... Massaging softly, he made her gasp...his tongue repeatedly delved past her lips and into the wet heat of her mouth.

He teased her without mercy, scavenging her senses, staking his claim, and tantalizing her with peaks and valleys of sensation.

He devastated her grasp on reality and sent her spinning into space...

He stole her breath, and he made her skin tingle.

Khushi craved every sweep and thrust of his tongue, every skilled movement of his mobile lips...

His hands were roaming all over her.. .

She inspired his need...

She alone possessed the power to satisfy it...

He drove his fingers into her thick hair, blunt fingertips kneading her scalp as he angled his mouth over hers and invaded her sweetness once more.

She sucked at his deft tongue while her hands roved across his broad shoulders and down his back to his hips.

Khushi marveled over the strength and power of his body even as streamers of unfamiliar tension came to life within her own.

With each thudding beat of her heart, her core heated and contracted...

Straining beneath Arnav, Khushi struggled to get closer to him.

Sensing her escalating tension, he released her lips and shifted down her writhing body. He clasped her breasts with possessive hands, sucking and biting at first one beaded tip and then the other.

Khushi moaned with pleasure...She arched more fully into his mouth as he alternated from one taut nipple to the other with relentless, tormenting skill.

She dug her fingers into his shoulders...

Feeling mesmerized from his stunning assault on her senses...

Arnav sipped and nipped at her until she nearly screamed out from the pleasure that seemed to ribbon through her body...

Her body demanded what she didn’t have the words or the strength to request.

He shifted down her torso, easily evading her attempts to bring him up and into her shaking body.

He brushed his fingers over her tight nipples... stoking the flames of her desire even higher as his mouth traveled over her ribs and past her narrow waist.

Arnav soothed her flushed skin with hot, open–mouthed kisses that scorched her soul.

She felt tormented by the flashfires of sensation he left in his wake as he inched lower and lower.

Arnav moved her thighs apart, curved his hands beneath her hips, and lifted her to his mouth.

Khushi cried out when he combed his fingertips through the black silk curls that concealed her sex, closed his mouth over the delicate flesh, and gently eased his finger into her already throbbing, swollen depths...

She jerked up off the bed with a startled cry...

Heat pulsed electrically inside her...

Her body shook as it wept its desire.

Gasping for air, she stirred restlessly beneath his touch as he continued to torment her.

She needed Arnav deep inside her, possessing her with his strength, loving her with his passion. He pressed a chain of stinging kisses down the length of one leg and then up the inside curve of the other.

She groaned, too frantic for release to understand that the inarticulate sounds escaping her simply served to spur him on.

Khushi began to feel nearly faint with desperation.

His breath flowed across her already sensitized skin like the heat from a blast furnace before he began to sip from her again.

She trembled and quaked.

Gasping little cries of passion and pleasure spilled past her lips.

Arnav gentled her with his mouth.

Then, he reversed course, stoking the incinerating flames even higher, catapulting her into a state of mindless need.

She tumbled back quivering as he explored her swollen wet flesh with a seemingly insatiable need.

He slipped a second finger into her core, adding fuel to the fire already raging within her.

Sensations swept over her as he coaxed her to the edge...

He ravaged her emotions and destroyed her control...

Khushi surrendered to Arnav and to the feelings threatening her with devastation. ..

She gasped his name as her body began to gather and tighten inward...

He shifted up her body, his intent clear in the harsh contours of his face and in the straining muscles of his body.

As she opened her eyes, he gathered her into his arms and surged into her tight wet heat.

Khushi released a cry of elation feeling him finally inside her...

He lowered his mouth to hers kissing her as he pumped into her, slowly, steadily.

Arnav was always enthralled by her response to him...

The quickening sensations began again in her lower abdomen, spirally slowly outward to encompass her entire body.

Despite her efforts to quicken her movements, he refused to allow her the speed she sought to achieve her quest for fulfillment.

He wanted nothing, not even his own driving need, to diminish the full impact of what she was about to experience...

He leaned in kissing her hard and fast...She suddenly cried out in ecstacy.

Arnav drew out her climax with deliberately timed movements.

She splintered beneath and around him, clinging to him, gasping his name as tears seeped from her eyes, and surging against him even as her tight channel quivered around him.

His release threatened.

And as her hot core milked his hard, pulsing length, he felt the pressure building at the base of his sex.

He followed her, the force of his own climax powerful as he repeatedly plunged into her and filled her with his seed.

He nearly collapsed atop her when it finally eased. Stunned by Arnav’s volatile passion, Khushi held onto him close...

He shifted their bodies to one side, and listened to the sound of her ragged breathing and his own pounding heart.

He tipped up her chin and took in her tired, but contented smile.

She closed her eyes and sighed...her sigh turned into a moan of pleasure as he captured a swollen nipple between his lips and sucked at the puckering tip.

Khushi arched beneath his mouth and hands as he began to reacquaint himself with every inch of her responsive body.

He roused her passions and reawakened her senses repeatedly ...

Khushi  never imagined that Arnav Singh Raizada would  make her frantic with desire.

He pleasured her until she screamed out her satisfaction and then fainted in his arms on the heels of one particularly stunning climax.

Arnav looked at her flushed face...All the months of hurt...all the days of pain and distress...he never wanted that for her...he never wanted that for himself...

He knew that Khushi was different...He Knew that She would change him...

Arnav simply loved her, giving himself free rein to experience complete emotional and physical intimacy...


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