Monday, March 19, 2012

SS : 6 Months Till A Kiss

6 months.

Khushi knew this all ended today...

She sat quietly with the family in the lounge room...

As she looked up, she saw Arnav coming down the stairs with his briefcase...

Anjali quickly stood up, "Chote? Please come here for a minute..."

Arnav felt extremely unsettled today...he had severe mixed feelings about his marriage ending...he could see in her eyes that she knew 6 months was up today...

"Di, i have an important meeting i need to..."

"no is monumental for you and Khushi...and i want everyone to know!"

Khushi and Arnav's eyes met in alarm...
Did she know?
How could she know?

Anjali called Khushi over to stand next to Arnav...

As Khushi looked at the whole family staring at them, she began to panic...
Arnav tried to leave again but Anjali just held his jacket...
Anjali looked at him smiling..."I want to express my feelings about Khushiji and Chote...My brother never wanted to marry, never wanted to love...but today...He and Khushi have officialy been married for 6 months! And I've never been happier for them!"

The family clapped and cheered...

Arnav looked over at Khushi...She had tears in her eyes...His heartbeat sped up seeing her beauty...and his muscles constricted seeing her tears...

Anjali wasn't finished though..."because you didn't marry in front of us...I have one request..."...she took Arnav's briefcase...and manoeuvred him so that he and Khushi stood facing each other...

Anjali's voice spoke triumphantly..."today, i would like to play a small game...and you must do as i say!"

Arnav was getting annoyed, but his sister was heavily pregnant and he wasn't about to stress her more...

"fine Di...just hurry up...i need to go..."

Anjali just wrinkled her nose up at him..."Ok...YOU MAY NOW KISS THE BRIDE!"

Everyone started laughing and giggling...All except one...Shyam...

Khushi's nerves caught fire..."what?! no no...Anjaliji...please...i can't..."

Anjali smiled, "Yes you can! You both kept your Shaddi from us! Now for your 6 month will do this!!! I won't let either of you leave until you do..."

Khushi just looked down in resignation...

Arnav's mind was furious...but his heart was exploding with anticipation...He had never kissed Khushi...not the way his Di was asking him to...

Khushi felt the heat from his body as he stepped closer, placing an arm around her waist.

The corners of her mouth turned down, but her head obediently tilted up.

She closed her eyes bracing for the kiss.

Both were unprepared for the spark that charged between them when their lips met.

Khushi’s eyes flew open, and she would have backed away if the steel arms around her waist hadn’t tightened, keeping her anchored to that spot.

He kissed her tenderly at first, gently moving his mouth above her own, producing sensations that were overwhelming and exciting.

A soft moan escaped as her mouth responded to his lips.

The desperation in the pit of Arnav’s stomach grew like wildfire causing his desire to quickly burn out of control.

He deepened the kiss forcing Khushi’s mouth open and greedily tasted the treasures inside.

His soft, slightly unwilling lips turned fierce with longing and passion.

Pulling her soft body even closer against his hard muscled chest produced emotions that rampaged through his soul, tormenting his body.

Khushi had hesitantly complied at first, but soon found her own hunger rapidly intensifying behind the reluctant facade.

She wound her arms around his neck inching as close as possible.

He never hated her...never...his heart  beat furiously for her...All other feelings fled, leaving behind a craving that only her touch would quench.

Eventually, confusion emerged from somewhere deep in the crevice of Khushi's heart, reminding her that Arnav was ending their marriage that day.

Managing to find some strength in her feeble limbs she pushed at his rock hard chest, breaking the mysterious spell they’d fallen under.

A shaky hand flew to her mouth, touching the warm wetness left behind.

She was thankful he didn’t immediately withdraw his hands from her waist or she’d have toppled over.

His kiss seemed to suck the strength from her body and mind.

Khushi felt a little embarrassed. Having never been kissed like that before, she didn’t know if her reaction had been appropriate.

Arnav vaguely heard cheering and clapping as his senses slowly returned.

Remembering they were still in front of their family... he wondered what they thought of such a passionate display. He’d only meant to give her a little kiss.

And yet it turned into an ardent demonstration of  love and emotion...


  1. wow that was hot but really in front of the family...LOL...arnav bitwa and khushi bitiya are really losing it...

  2. hahahhaa i bet the all of them were jealous

  3. A very good start for them.