Friday, May 11, 2012

SS : 6 Months Till A Kiss Part 17

As Arnav lightly touched his lips to her tender cheek, Khushi’s tears started to swell once more...

Her jagged breathing made Arnav pause to look at her...

Immediately taken over by fury, he held it in check as he snarled...“I will make him pay for this...”

Khushi fell apart...her sobs suffocating his heart...

“No...NO! Please...shhhhh...I will not let him hurt you again...”

Arnav leaned forward and brushed a kiss against her lips, quieting her cries...

When he pulled back, it wasn’t far.  

His dark eyes filled her vision.  

His breath fanned across her mouth.  

Khushi parted her lips to speak, but nothing came out.

Arnav leaned toward her, pressing his lips to hers in a more demanding kiss.  

He covered her mouth with his, and she was shocked at the desire that her fear flamed inside her.  

Her stomach swirled, as did her entire world.

She was suddenly so lost in the tumult of emotions raging through her she didn’t even hear the loud crack of thunder that boomed outside...

Arnav crushed his body to hers, enticing her to open to his exploration.  

When she parted her lips tentatively, he took the invitation and thrust his tongue into her mouth, tasting her sweetness.  

His hands cupped her face, tilting her chin up to meet his desperate kiss.  

He groaned softly.  

She was heavenly.  

She tasted of warm honey and sweet innocence.  

He kissed her chin and trailed kisses down her neck.  

He wanted her like he had never wanted anything before.

She was HIS...his WIFE...  

Then, recollection shattered him...he remembered the shell of deception he had once immersed himself in.  

He froze, then pulled away from her.

He saw the confusion in her priceless eyes, saw the hurt, saw her lips swollen from his heated kiss.

He could see the pain he had caused her by not trusting her sooner...

“Why did I do this to you?” he whispered harshly.

“What? You...You didn’t...Shyamji did...”

“I DIDN’T TRUST YOU! I’M A BLOODY FOOL! No wonder you hate me...”

“I don’t hate you,” she interrupted, and was shocked at the tenderness in her voice...“I just don’t know if I can do this.”

“Define this?” He ran his hand up her arm, slid across her shoulder to cup the back of her neck.

His touch unleashed another storm of emotions inside her...

He leaned forward. “Do you mean this?” His breath fanned her cheek before he pressed his lips on it.

Her breath hitched, mind going fuzzy.

“Yes…no,” she breathed out.

“Which is it? How about this?” His mouth covered hers, gentle and coaxing.

The taste of him sent a rush of pleasure through her.

Khushi closed her eyes and drank him in, her hand moving up to rest against his chest.

He released her lips long enough to whisper, “I’m so so sorry Khushi...I just love much....”

His chest rumbled when he spoke, the vibrations adding to a hunger deep inside of her.

His rich, dark tone sent a flush of heat across her skin, making her tingle.

She didn’t want to encourage him as she was still so unsure, but touching him felt so good.

Tasting him was even better..“I do love you, too.”

The words slipped out before she could stop them and her eyes widened in surprise...

He didn’t give her a chance to withdraw.

He claimed her mouth again and again.

His hands slid into her hair, caressed her cheeks, her neck...

No longer cajoling, his lips demanded a response from her.

At the bold thrust of his lips, her hands bunched his shirt and pulled him closer.

She couldn’t breath and her heart thundered louder than a runaway thoroughbred’s hooves, but she didn’t care.

He took and gave with equal intensity.

Drawing from her a response she had no idea she could give, making her crave with a crazed frenzy.

The chaotic, disintegrating feeling took her by surprise.

With it came panic.

Her body was spiraling out of control too quickly.

Yet she couldn’t stop her hands from moving up to grip his head and deepen the kiss.

Arnav made a guttural sound when his hand reached the naked skin of her midriff...

Khushi arched her back, a burst of energy shooting from the point of contact to her chest and her belly.

Barely able to control her breathing she rasped out...”Arnavji...”

“I’m here, I’m here...” He palmed her cheek and turned her head to face him...

Her eyes were still full of yearning, yet he could see her heartache resurfacing...

Her body shook and she tried to regain some control....

Desperation smoldered in the depth of his eyes as he saw her heart put up it’s walls again...

“I’m okay Arnavji...I’ll just use a bit of makeup and cover up any marks and we can go downst...”

He cut off her words when he held her arms and gripped her gently...

Khushi shrunk back ready to see rage in his eyes...she attempted to wrestle her arms free.


Her eyes came to his...

“I’m not...not going to hu...hurt you...” his voice held utter humiliation...

She was laying here, in his arms, having just been hurt and attacked by Shyam, and yet, he had not been far from doing the same all his anger...he despised himself...

“Let me go...”

“You can’t mean that...”

No, she didn’t mean it. She wanted stay in their room where they were safe and hidden from the world...she wanted the comfort of his arms...

But her chin went up and she shot Arnav a seemingly controlled glance.  “Yes, I do mean it.”

Again, she tried to wrench her arms free. “Please let go.”

“I know I don’t deserve it...but please...Don’t push me away...” His hard voice pushed her last raw nerve, magnifying the storm of emotions churning inside her.

He locked his gaze on her.

She didn’t realize she was crying until Arnav brushed the tears off her cheeks.

He wrapped his arms around her tighter...

Outside her family no one had ever held her so tenderly.

More tears flowed as she tried to speak... “We need to...”

“Shh... Just let me hold you, please.”

His hands caressed her as he felt her body relaxed into his...

Arnav kissed her forehead and lingered to inhale her feminine scent...

Khushi lifted her face slightly, giving him access to feather soft kisses on her cheeks...

Striking a slow and deliberate path, Arnav trailed kisses down the nape of her neck to the swell of her breast that was now exposed from the top of her sari coming off...

He softly mouthed her skin.

She whimpered a reply and slipped her fingers through his hair.

When he palmed her breast through the fabric, rubbing his thumb across her nipple, she started to jerk away, but before she could break free, a new and wonderful sensation descended on her, causing her to gasp.

Instinctively, she covered her breast with her arm.

His eyes drifted to hers.

“If you don’t want to do this, I’ll understand.” He guided a knuckle along her cheek.

The adoration in his eyes touched her at her core.

Love filled her heart and she moved her arm letting it drop to her side.

He smiled and began again, drugging her with kisses.

This time she closed her eyes and opened herself to the sensations rippling through her body.

Her skin tingled at his touch and warmed beneath his lips.

She didn’t know how, but her breasts were now free from the confines of her clothes and Arnav closed his mouth over her nipple, and she held her breath as he gently sucked.
White, hot pleasure stole the remainder of her rational thoughts.

Glorious, wonderful sensations descended on her.

She relaxed, grabbing his shoulders for support. “Just breathe and relax sweetheart...” he murmured, as he moved from one breast to the other.

She could do little more than breathe while currents of pleasure electrified her body.

She knew there was more involved in making love, but that thought didn’t seem possible.

Could it actually get better than this?

Arnav paused, then lifted his mouth back to her lips.

“You humble me,” he whispered against her ear as he his fingers continued to knead her breast.

She grabbed his hand, stilling him beneath her touch.

“Show me how to love you the way I want to in my heart.”

Beginning again, he took his time as if they had forever.

Minutes ticked by while he worked his way down her body.

Every touch was purposeful.

Every stroke gentle.

When his fingers began to travel to the femininity between her legs, she couldn’t stop from tensing.

He gazed lifted to hers, revealing the desire flooding through him.

It wasn’t violence, it wasn’t anger...

He loved her...

But no matter how aroused he was, how much he wanted to take her, he wouldn’t continue without her permission.

“Don’t worry...I won’t force you...I promise you...”


“I know you’re afraid...I’ll wait forever....” Arnav moved, adjusting himself so he again lay beside her.

Pulling Khushi into his arms, he kissed her cheek lightly and heard her hiss as her face began to sting...

Arnav held her closer....



"Isn't Di waiting for us for breakfast?"

"Everyone and everything can wait..."


Arnav lifted himself up on his elbow and looked at her..."what's to me..."

"these last few days.....everything has changed so much...and this morning..."

Arnav leaned down to kiss her fast...whispering against her lips he said, "What happened this morning will NEVER happen again...understand?"


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    Khushi still not sure about her emotions, love how Arnav always stops to get her approval to carry on. Nice touch.
    Great update hopefully she will consent soon :) x
    Arnavluva - IForums

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